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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Two new dolls continued....

And here we are looking at the moon.
I just MUST find him Molly!

Ann, you must stop fretting about him.
I'm sure our Mom is looking for him too.

 Ann! Molly I think he's here!

 I saw Mom bring a doll to the sewing room!
All I saw was a head of red yarn!

That's got to be him!

 C'mon Ann, I'll show you!
I'll help you down, OOPS, sorry.

 Here, climb up on the chair...
Almost there...


Yes, I'm Andy.
Andy, I'm your sister Ann!!

ANN!!  ANDY!! 
Andy, how did you get here?
I don't remember much, just being in a box and then Mom carrying me up here.
She made me these new clothes!
You look quite handsome, Andy.

 I am so glad to be here.
I'm glad you're here too Andy. Thank you girls SO much.

 Well goodnight Raggedy's, Belle.
Good night, thank you.

Next morning....

MOM: Now, how did he get here from the sewing room?
The kids must have moved him.


I did find Ann and Belle in a thrift store in Las Vegas.  After we got home I felt she needed an Andy, so I hunted ebay for a couple weeks until I found this Andy. 

 I was hunting for an Andy that had similar facial features and hair.
His outfit did not match Ann's so I made him a new suit and a hat.
The rest you already know!

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