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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Another great doll find!!

Madame Alexander 18" doll
Style #50970
Let me just say here that I feel the Madame Alexander dolls
Have truly lovely faces.  The hair is not the quality
of the AG dolls, but in every other way they are
a great 18" doll.

 Found this girl at a thrift store for $1.50.

 Her hair was in bad shape.

And, she was a little grimy.

 So, hairwash.  Downy dunk for just an hour or two.

 While her hair was soaking I gave her a baking soda bath.

 You can see here how much dirt came off!

 While her hair is still slightly damp I used
a ceramic (NOT METAL!) flat iron set on lowest setting.

 Small sections at a time I smoothed her hair.

Here is a straightened strand.

Added 3/27/15

(NOTE:  I am now recommending using wig 
shampoo and conditioner, instead of the downy dunk!!)


 Her hair is in a layered style.

As usual I was going to sell her, but
Sophie named her 
Skyler Holly Anderson

Before & After

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Great inexpensive baby doll clothes!

Tisha & Ashley are modeling their new outfits.
These outfits are PREEMIE size baby clothes from Walmart.
Each outfit came with 2 shirts and each outfit was 
marked down to $5!

 Two extra tops!

 Super cute details.

 Excellent quality at an excellent price!

 The shoes are regular size AG shoes, but are really a little too big.  

These pajamas are also preemie size!

These are also preemie jammies on full size AG dolls.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Bitty Baby Doll makeover!

I found these 2 lovelies at a thrift store for $1.99 each!  
They are American Girl Doll Bitty Baby twins

  As you can see both had some ink and glitter nail polish.  I CAREFULLY used non-acetone nail polish remover and got off most of the nail polish.  But there were still a LOT of ink marks!

 Someone tried to fix this blonde baby and wiped away her eyebrows and lip color in an attempt to repair the damage (before I found her).  She also has glitter polish and ink inside her mouth, YUK!

This little one had glitter nail polish and ink on her face, but her facial features were not harmed.
Luckily both doll's hair was in great shape!

 Both dolls had some 10% benzoyl peroxide on their ink spots and laid in the sun.

They both got a baking soda bath - careful to avoid those eyes!

After 2 treatments

 After three 10% benzoyl peroxide treatments laid in the sun
the ink is gone, sadly a slight discoloration remains, but not too noticeable.

 I mixed some acrylic paint as close to her skin color as possible and re-colored her lids.
I also painted on some blonde eyebrows. I lightened her lips a little after this photo.
Sadly, both dolls have some glitter that will not come off, but again, not too noticeable.



ADORABLE! If I do say so myself!
Another successful doll makeover!
These two are ready for someone to love them!

Before & After

Now what should we do with these two girls??

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Making Valentine's

I'm glad you wanted to make Valentine's with me Grace.

Sure, I love crafts!

Let's see whose Valentine will I make first.

                               That's really pretty Grace.                                            Thanks Nell.

 Hi, whatcha doin?
Hi Julie, we're making Valentine's for our friends.

Can you show me how?

First pick out some pretty craft paper and decorations like ribbon or glitter.
You'll need a pencil and some glue.

 Start by drawing a heart shape, then fold it right down the middle.

 Cut it out while it is folded and when you open it it makes a perfect heart!

 When you have some cut out hearts use them to draw more
hearts on a fold.

We cut out 3 different sizes and used our glue sticks to paste them together,
one on another.  Then we glued on ribbon or a rose or any decoration you want!

 See?  These are already done.
Hey, that's pretty easy! Let's make some more.