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Friday, April 29, 2016

Hearts for Hearts, 14" Doll Pattern - FREE!

I wanted to share this great simple pattern.
I recreated this, in doll size, from a woman's blouse pattern.
What I love about it most is that it is SIMPLE!
This is the first version that I made,
This is lined which (to me) makes the neckline easier to manage. 

This is the second version, also lined.

This is the latest version I made for our newest doll, Naija.
I made the neckline a little higher and am happy with the results.

Here is the same top on a 13" Corolle doll.
On this slightly smaller doll this top makes a cute mini dress.

 This is the same pattern made from an up-cycled tee.
This is not lined since turning the tee fabric is a little easier.

Be sure to print this actual size on 8.5" x 11".

For all you AG fans I am working on an 18" version.


In all my doll clothes I use a presser foot seam.  
Which is simply I use the edge of the presser foot for my seam line.

NOTE: This pattern is free for personal use.  If you share it online please keep the link to this blog attached. Thanks.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Welcome Naija!

 Let's not overwhelm her with everyone all at once Amy!
Naija, this is Martin and Emma...

  Hi Naija!  I'm Amy and this is Layla, you are sleeping in OUR room!

 OH!  Who is this cute elephant?!?

 This is Aasha.  Aasha means 'hope'.

 Auntie made him for me when she knew I was 
leaving India to become an American girl.

 That is so sweet! I'm sorry you had to leave your Aunt?
Oh no, you see Auntie and Uncle is what we call our house parents.
I will miss them, but they are not my real Auntie and Uncle, you see?

Well, we are all adopted here! And now you are our sister too!
C'mon, I want you to see our room! Skyler and Nellie made it so pretty!

 Hi Naija, I'm Nellie.
Hello Nellie, thank you for making my room.

I was happy to do it!  We are so glad you are here!

Look girls I made room for your Mouse House right here in the sewing room.
Thanks Nellie!
Is this to play with?
Yes, our Daddy made it for us as a surprise.

These are our bunk beds,
They are very nice.

And this is YOUR bed!
OH! It is too pretty 

 It is so soft!
Let's put your things away.

 What's this?

 This is my passport from India 

and a picture of Auntie and Uncle.

And this is my mother.  She died when I was very small. 
Auntie and Uncle took me in.
She is very lovely!

Hello Naija, I'm Jose and this is Julie.  Welcome home.
Thank you Jose, I feel so welcome already.
OK, come down soon, Molly and Nellie are making lunch.
We weren't sure what you might like so we made a selection!
And cupcakes for dessert!

It all looks so good!

Welcome home Naija!!

Note:  I looked everywhere for the name Nahji on Indian name lists. 
 The closest I could find was Naija which means "Daughter of Wisdom".   

What's happening?

Martin where are you taking our mouse house?!?
Ask Skyler.
Come in and see!

Why is there another bed in our room?
Well, you know how Mom has been talking with people at the adoption agency?
Well, we have a new sister coming from India!
Her name is Naija and she is coming from an orphanage.

Hi girls what do you think?  Skyler and I worked together
 to make the bedspread and headboard.
It is beautiful!

 BUT, We need to hang up our kitten posters!

I think this looks great!

 It's so pretty I hope she likes it!

Friday, April 22, 2016

A new lamp for Molly

 How's it going Martin?
Fine, I think.

 Dad explained what to do and I think it's nearly done.
Good, I want it to be prefect for Molly, she does so much for us.

 Here's the shade for Molly's lamp.
Ooo, that looks great!
Thanks Emma, I want it to be perfect for Molly.

Martin will it be done in time?  Molly should be back from her ride anytime now.
Why don't you two leave me to finish this without all the pressure?

 Hehe, I think we better go.
Yeah I think so too.

I hope Martin gets the lamp done before Molly gets back.

 What do you want to get ready before I get back?
Oh!  Nothing!

There!  Done!
I better get this to Molly's room.

Well,  I think I'll go get my book.
(girls see Martin sneaking through kitchen with lamp)

(in unison) NO! 
Um, why not?
Um, we want to talk to you! Yeah that's right!

That looks great, I better go get the girls.
(Martin shouts)
Molly! Emma Nellie!!

Martin, why are you shou...OH!  I LOVE IT!

Surprise Molly!
Martin made your vase into a lamp to thank you for all you do for us!
Well, Nellie made the shade,
Thank you all, I love it.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Molly's Day

Hello everyone, this is Molly.  I just wanted to share what my Saturday's are like.
First thing I like to do is get up early, you know about 6, and take 
Penny for an early ride. It's so still and quiet in the mornings.

Ok, Penny time to get back and start breakfast.
I love cooking and make breakfast for everyone who's up early enough.

 Molly where are you going so early?
I'm heading to Mercy House Thrift store, wanna come along?
No thanks, I'm too sleepy.
Well, I made breakfast if your hungry.
Thanks Molly!

 Hey Molly, did you make all this?
Yes, I hope you like it. I'm going thrifting, wanna come along?
I'm not dressed, besides, Jose and I are going to play dolls.
OK, have fun.

Hi girls, want me to look out for anything at the thrift store for you?
Anything with ladybugs on it!
OK, hey breakfast is on the table if your hungry.
Molly, you're the best!

Hi girls, I'm heading for Mercy House want me to look out for anything in particular?
I wanted a little handbag for spring, maybe something woven?
OK, I'll keep my eyes open, see ya!

Ah, finally I'm here!

Hmmm, let's see....

Molly's latest thrifting finds!
 Some AG singles

 Babydoll sippy cup 

 AG original winter outfit shoes and a Kit handbag.
Just what Emma was wanting!

 Some doll-size dishes and a trinket box.
Nellie wanted a box like this.

 A doll-size vase that will make a cute lamp.

 Doll-size night stand with drawers

 Doll-size perfume bottle

Madame Alexander boots

Bitty Baby Bear Album and Bitty Baby sippy cup!

And, this nice all wood double size doll bed!