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Monday, March 03, 2014

Clean Sweep

 Hello!?  I'm Back.  Oh my! What a mess!

 Julie?  Jose? Are you here?

I go away for one weekend and this is what happens!

 Oh no! What a mess!
bark! bark!
Hush Grace!

 Jose! Julie! What happened here?!
Julie! Jose! Wake up!

Jose: I'm up! I'm up!
Julie: zzzsnort,  what's happening?
Nell:  I'll tell you what's happening, get up and get dressed 
we have work to do!
I'll clean the kitchen, Jose you do the living room and Julie you do the bedroom.

Hey that's my Michigan State tee you better not get it dirty!
I'll be careful I promise.

I can not believe what a mess this place is! 

I'll start in here, you better go to the Living room.

Boy I guess we did let the place go a little.

 Humph, mumph, grumble.
Why does the house need to be SO clean!?

Dust & sweep, mop and clean. 

 Well I think that does it.
It does looks better in here.

Our room looks great Julie. I will finish cleaning the floor.
Thanks Jose.

 Wow, our room looks good!

So does our living room.
I guess it is nice to have things tidy.

 Ahh, I love having tea in a neat, clean kitchen.
I wonder how the girls are doing with their chores?

Nell, we're done.
And it didn't take very long because we all worked together!
Great! That was fast! Let's all have some tea.

This is nice, relaxing in a clean, tidy house.

Get down Grace!