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Meet Our Dolls
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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Nellie's Sewing Room

I am sure you were all wondering what would go in the space next to
Lisa and Sarah's room? 
Nellie's sewing room of course!

Here it is!

 The sewing table and shelf were one piece that I cut into 2 pieces.
The dress form is a metal jewelry holder I found thrifting.

 The sewing machine our Daddy made for us.

Spools of thread.

Nellie's tape measure.
(just ribbon with pen marks)

A basket for yarn.

 This is a Craftabelle I found thrifting.
It makes a perfect sewing room cabinet.

 Our ironing board, also made by Daddy.

And here is Nellie's stash of fabrics.

Nellie loves her new sewing room.
(and just in time for making Halloween costumes!)

Monday, September 28, 2015

Furniture Instructions

This is not a real tutorial, but I think these items are pretty simple so they don't need too much detail.

First is the sofas.  They are both 20" x 8" of egg-crate foam.  
I cut 2 pieces of foam for each sofa and hot-glue them together.

Here are the foam pieces glued together and covered in fabric.
The covers are made just like pillow covers.
The link below explains more fully.

I fold the fabric in and set this end in the corner.

All the pillows are also egg-crate.  This makes them stand up really well.

Next is the puff chair.
Here is the pattern.  Be sure it is printed on 8 1/2 x 11 paper.
The half circle should be 4.5 inches from the button center to the edge.

This pattern is for personal use only please!

 You can see that this chair is made from a half circle pillow
and a full circle pillow for the seat.
A button in the center makes a flatter seat.

 The back is stitched to the base set slightly off center.

 This is the back where I stitched the pillow closed.

Here is the Puff Chair folded down flat.
The back is attached only at the corners.

And that's how I created a whole room furnished with sewn pieces!

Some things you may have seen before!

This table should look familiar.

Here it is in our original dollhouse living room.

We made it out of a piece of wood and 2 coat hooks.

Our mobile has hung in the living room for quite a while
but I thought it suited this 70s style room perfectly.
(I made the artwork on my computer!)


 I remembered this flower frame just awhile ago
and thought it would be perfect here!

The metal green frame is a recent garage sale find!

 Lisa found a Raggedy Ann Doll at
Mercy House Thrift Store

And Missy the Dachshund has decided to move in.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Doll House Update!

I decided to rearrange the doll house so maybe we would have more space.
The doll house is now on the opposite side of the room

 The bath is now above Skyler's and Elle's room.

Martin got his wish and now has Penny right next door to his room.

My sewing area is now where the house used to be.


This is why...
This side of the room has a slightly higher ceiling and room enough for


For Lisa and Sarah!
Lisa and Sarah are in 8th grade and wanted their own room.
Mom decided they could use our attic.

Lisa and Sarah have a very cool style.

 The sofa becomes 2 twin beds.

Welcome Lisa and Sarah to the Savage dollhouse!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Mercy House Thrift Shop

 Hey Nellie, I was just going to see the new thrift store where
Julie and Beth are volunteering, wanna come along?
No thanks, I have a sewing project I want to work on.
OK. know where Julie and Beth are volunteers?
You mean that old junk shop?
It's not junk! You can find all kinds of great things!
Oh, OK, we'll go just to say hi to Julie and Beth.

Hey girls, want to go thrifting?
What's thrifting?
Come along and you'll see.

Here it is! It looks so cute!

 Hi Julie!

 Hi Molly!  Hi Madi!

Hello, I thought I heard your voices.
Hi Beth!

 Beth do you think this would fit Amy? 
She wanted to be a princess for Halloween.
I think it would!

Hey what a pretty dress!
Hi Emma, I'm getting it for Amy.

Well, we're here.  Molly thinks there is good stuff here?
Just look around a little.

You didn't tell me there were toys!!

Hey, look at this! Skyler loves Lady bugs!

Look at these great Halloween decorations!

Jess, look over here.

Wow, look at this camera, it looks brand new.

And look at these hippos for my collection.

 Molly can I get these for Martin?!?

Sure!  That's very thoughtful Madi.

Wow, Molly thrifting is so much fun, I never knew!
I'm glad you came Emma.


Layla, look!  Madi found a princess dress for me!
Oh, it's beautiful!!

 Skyler look what I found for you!

 Oh, I love it!!

Hey, what's this?

Surprise Martin!  I found them at Mercy House.
The place Beth and Julie work?
Yes, it has so much neat stuff.

Wow, 2 Harry Potter books and an R2D2!
I want to go thrifting next time!