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Friday, March 25, 2016

An Interesting Find part 2

Hi Jess, what ya readin?
Oh, just a book about the Starship Enterprise, why?

 Well, I talked to mom about Camellia Starlite.
What did she say!?!
Apparently she is mom's great-aunt who moved to Hollywood in the 50s to become a movie star.
Mom thinks there is nothing wrong with us looking through her things as long as we are careful and don't lose anything.

I kept the box under my bed, let's look and see what else is in here.
Here's another letter.

Dear Momma,
I got a contract with Hollywood studios!  Can you believe your little girl is going to be a star!
I had dinner at the Monks Club with my agent Mr. Youngman and his friend Jim Cabbot who is a producer, well Brett, I mean Mr. Youngman said he wants me in his new film, its going to be called "The Fairy Queen" and guess who will play the queen?  That's right me, little Camelia Cook from a farm in Missouri.  I wish you could be here with me.  Have you asked Daddy about driving out for a visit?  I'm sure Tommy wouldn't mind doing the chores on his own for a day or two?

Anyway, I have to go, all my love to you and Daddy


Look Emma, it's her contract letter!
I've never heard of Hollywood Studios, have you?
No, never.  Hmm.

Here's a picture of a studio, oh no this is Paramount...
Oh here's,...wait no, this is Goldwyn-Mayer.  hmm.
There's writing on the back, just "All my love, Jim".

Here's a note from the Youngman guy, Wow, he's handsome!
Oh, now that last picture makes sense. Wait!  Look for that Monk's club picture!

That guy she's looking at must be Jim!
I don't know Jess, Maybe?

 Oh Emma!  Look at this!  This must be a shot from the "Fairy Queen".
What's so funny Jess?
Emma, I think poor Camellia got signed to one of those studios that only made low budget movies.
Oh no, poor Camellia.

Look, Emma, here is her roommate Betty!
She could have been a star too! They are both pretty
There's writing on the back.
Brett and Jim taking Betty and me out.

Look at this.  She wrote on the back.
Brown Derby, Betty, me, Brett and Jim.
Jim and Brett again, huh?

Here's another picture of her, it says "Hollywood at Christmas".
Wow, looks very different from today.

Oooh, a newspaper clipping, I'll bet it has a review of the Fairy Queen in it. 
Here it is, 

"The Fairy Queen" out of Hollywood studios and starring a new face, Camellia Starlite, opened to listless reactions of movie-goers who expected more.  Advertisements compared this to the Wizard of Oz.  ...."  

It just gets worse from there, poor Camellia.
Well, Jess, not everyone who goes to Hollywood is destined for stardom.
You're right Emma. Hey here's another letter to her mom.

Dear Momma, 

I have enclosed a copy of the newspaper review of Fairy Queen.  I am not too disappointed, Jim says it was a great film for a new actress.  I think he's right.  Jim just signed a deal to produce a movie for MGM!  He has really started to move up in Hollywood.  He says that I should not give the Fairy Queen another thought, that he has bigger plans for me.  Jim has asked me to marry him!  Now you and Daddy HAVE to come to California. I am as happy as a dream.  We have been looking for a house to live in after we are married.  There is one in the Hollywood Hills that we both like, that's where everyone lives.  I told Jim I had to talk to you before we could set a date.  I will call you Thursday, April 10 at 8pm, so go to Aunt Clara's house to use their phone.  Tell Daddy taking the car out one extra day this week won't hurt it!  Haha.....

Jess look!  A Wedding album!

Look how pretty she looks!

 Wow, I like Jim's taste in cars!
I think Brett Youngman was better looking.
"Our new home"
Well, it looks like that is the end of Camellia's movie career.
Well I think she looks very happy and I hope she was!

I think she was Jess.

Monday, March 21, 2016

An Interesting Find

So then Julie ran into....
I wonder who that could be?

Hi Beth, Hi Emma!
Oh, Hi Jess!
You won't believe what I found in this box!
What is it?!?!?

WOW!  This is SO cool! Where did you find it?
In the attic! Can you believe it?

Look at all these pictures, they look old.
I'd say from the 1950s sometime.

Look, this is an actor's head-shot.
Camellia Starlite...
She's beautiful.

Look there are some letters.

"Dear Momma, 
I am finally here!  Hollywood! My new roommate, Betty, is a photographer she took my picture in front of our apartment...."

Oh!  This is where she lived. Looks like her real name was Camellia Cook.
"Starlite" must be her stage name.
"Here I am in my new bedroom.  It's all in pink but you can't tell in a b&w photo. Betty says she is learning to colorize pictures and she says she'll colorize my photo!  Oh and I have a new pet, I called her Missy Pooh!...."

Oh, look!  here is the picture she was talking about. 
Looks like her friend Betty colorized her head-shot, whatever that means.
Oh, before color photography pictures had to be hand colored. 
How do you know all this stuff?
The internet.

 Look before and after!

Look at this, it says on the back
"The monks club" Hey, I'll bet they were Beatniks!
What are Beatniks? 
Well, in the 50s they were the cool crowd, they hung out in coffee bars and read poetry and wore Berets, that's the hat Camellia is wearing.

Jess how do you know all this stuff?
The internet.

Biff's Coffee shop, hmmm, never heard of it.

"Hollywood Blvd", WOW! That was a long time ago!

Look at this! The Wizard of OZ!
I wonder if this was the premier?
I don't kinda looks like it might have been.
She couldn't have been at the premier, I think it came out in the 30s.
It must be a photo she picked up...oh yea it's a postcard.

Do you think it's OK to be looking through all this stuff?

You're right, let's ask mom.
It sure is interesting though!
I wonder how her things got in our attic? be continued

Monday, March 14, 2016

New items for Camellia's 1950s room

First of all, this is Missy Pooh, Camellia's Pomeranian.
Missy Pooh loves pearls too!

 Camellia has a new lamp made out of a vintage
hat pin holder.

 I made this lamp using an applesauce cup
with glued fabric around the top edge.
Then I just drop a mini electric candle in.

I think it's good!

 She has framed her signed photos of
Cary Grant and...

 Gregory Peck.

 She has a new trinket box 

and an Asian enameled tray.

 Her washstand has a new ruffled skirt.

 It's a gift box with fabric glued around the top 
so it can be used for storage!

 Well, thanks for taking a look!
Camellia loves her new items and she hopes you do too.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Some Jewelry for Camellia with a tutorial

Yes, I decided to call her Camellia, well Camellia needed some jewelry.
 Here is the set I made for her yellow outfit.

 Bakelite jewelry in these colors was very popular in the 50s.

My favorite!  Lemon drop earrings.

 She also has some green kiwi earrings.

 Bracelets with dangles.

 I also made her some casual shoes.

A set to match her pink dress.

There is also a set of pink pearl earrings... 

and a bracelet.


 Small jewelry pliers and cutter, jewelry pins, memory wire
ringed pins and beads.

 For earrings, place the desired beads on the pin.

 Bend the wire over using your pliers and add the ringed pin.
Trim off excess wire and bend the loop to meet at the bead hole.

One earring finished!

For the necklace trim off one loop of the memory wire.

 Using your pliers bend a loop at one end.

 Add your beads until the necklace is the 
right length to go around your dolls neck.

 I sometimes like to add a dangle on my loops.

And all finished!!