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Friday, March 04, 2016

Latest Thrift Store Finds

 The first thing I found was this Cape Cod doll furniture!
(so awesome!)
At first I only saw the 2 kitchen chairs, then a little voice told me I better look around to make sure there wasn't any more furniture boxes in sight.  Sure enough I found the bed!

 The kitchen chairs and bed went into my small dollhouse.

The bed I gave to my Betsy McCall doll.

The same day I found this huge bag full of vintage doll clothes.

There were 2 vintage dolls but they were in such bad shape I left them. 
They were no-name dolls, so I passed.  (But it was hard to do!)

None of these clothes had any tags.

There were several crinolines and other underthings.

Lots of misc. dresses in varying sizes

First I gave them all a gentle hand wash.
Below are some of the dresses I will keep

Dresses I plan on keeping...

And this one...

I have reason to believe these are all from the 1950s and 
60s because of the following pieces.

A cotton skirt and top with a slender waist.

 This dotted Swiss gown also with slender waist.

This yellow peignoir.

 This beautiful black Taffeta gown.

AND, this black Velvet coat and hat

These are clothes made to fit an 18" 
Madame Alexander Cissy doll or a
Ideal Miss Revlon Doll that were produced in the 1950s.

SO, overall a really good haul!


Canadian Doll Notebook said...

Love the last outfit! Good finds!

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thanks! I was very happy to find them!

Flo said...

Awesome finds!

Brenda and Sophie said...

I know huh!?! I could not believe all that I found!