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Meet Our Dolls
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Monday, August 25, 2014

Emma's & Beth's loft

As you all know we have this doll house in Sophie's room
Living room
 Bedroom with bunk & trundle
 and our kitchen.

And then there is Emma's loft which has gone through a couple transitions.
First it was on a shelf in another closet, but cramped.
After Beth came along she and Emma share this room so...
We added this trundle bed, but they needed more space.

They moved to Mom's extra sewing table, but that didn't work.

SO, we had this small closet off the sewing room.
It was just a junk accumulation site, so we cleared it out.

Now it is another Doll room!

It's perfect for storing our AG dress collection!

 This is Pooh the Pomeranian puppy and Missy the Dachshund.

Emma's hippo collection

 This little cabinet is a thrift store find.

 Hope chest and tea table in one.

Emma's flute and a thrift store chair.

Thanks for taking a look!

Spartan Martin!

Hi, Martin here. I wanted to tell you something I learned.
Right after Christmas this year my Aunt Joanne was very happy about a Rose bowl.

I knew she liked flowers but I thought she was overreacting a little.  

Then she explained to me about Michigan State and how it is the best school ever.  
On a recent trip to Michigan I got to see firsthand why it is so special.

 This is one of the entrances to the campus.

This is the bell tower.

 The campus is full of natural beauty, lots of trees and walking paths.

This is a dorm building, nice huh? 
Maybe this could be my dorm one day.

This is nice too, reminds me of Hogwarts and that can't be bad.

This is the stadium.
Someday I may play football here - or better yet be in the
Michigan State has the BEST marching band ever!

 This is Sparty, he is a kind of mascot to the school.

Well now I understand why Aunt Joanne says I should go to college
 and when I DO it will be to MSU!!

Oh, by the way, you can call me "SPARTAN Martin" from now on!

Martin & Kurty take a walk

Martin is my son's new friend.  He saw his sister with all her dolls and kept asking when he would get a 'boy' doll? So here is Martin, "Spartan Martin".

 Let's take a walk.  Hippo you must stay here.

 Aunt Joanne will you hold my hand?

"I believe I can fly!"

 I think Martin is tired.

 How about a piggy back?

 WOW! What a view!

 Stairs?  Really?

 Let's rest Kurty.  OK.

Thanks for taking a walk with me.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Emma, Nina & Martin go camping

Nina & Grandma are here visiting from Texas!  So Nina and Emma planned a camping trip....

There the tent is all set up.

 OK, I got everything inside.

 Great let's relax and have some lunch.

Yum!  I'm starving!
Me too.

Hey, that looks like Martin's jeep...

 It is Martin!

Hi Emma, Hi Nina, do you mind if I join you? I love camping.

 Not at all,we were just having lunch. Pizza or a hotdog?

 Hey Martin would you mind checking the tent is setup OK??
No problem.

(whispering) I think it's Martin's birthday!  
OMG! You are right!

Hey Martin, Emma needs to borrow the jeep.
No problem.


 So, Nina, how long are you and Grandma visiting California?
For about a month...



 Hey, thanks for remembering!

 WOW! An R2D2, a car and a rubber band bracelet kit!  Thanks!

I brought some more cupcakes too.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!!!
Thanks Emma, thanks Nina!