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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Emma, Nina & Martin go camping

Nina & Grandma are here visiting from Texas!  So Nina and Emma planned a camping trip....

There the tent is all set up.

 OK, I got everything inside.

 Great let's relax and have some lunch.

Yum!  I'm starving!
Me too.

Hey, that looks like Martin's jeep...

 It is Martin!

Hi Emma, Hi Nina, do you mind if I join you? I love camping.

 Not at all,we were just having lunch. Pizza or a hotdog?

 Hey Martin would you mind checking the tent is setup OK??
No problem.

(whispering) I think it's Martin's birthday!  
OMG! You are right!

Hey Martin, Emma needs to borrow the jeep.
No problem.


 So, Nina, how long are you and Grandma visiting California?
For about a month...



 Hey, thanks for remembering!

 WOW! An R2D2, a car and a rubber band bracelet kit!  Thanks!

I brought some more cupcakes too.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!!!
Thanks Emma, thanks Nina!

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