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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Year Dollhouse Changes

I've been moving things around again!

Martin has always been outside the dollhouse.  
It occurred to me that if he had a smaller 
bed he could fit in a smaller room.

 So, the first room that changed was Martin's.  

 He is now on top of the dollhouse in one of the attic rooms.

That meant that Emma's room was also moved.

So now Emma and Skyler are together.

Skyler's room, and...

Emma's room

That meant the bathroom ALSO got moved 
to a small space in the left side attic.

The Heart for Heart girls room got slightly compressed
so that there was room for the bath, and Martin's room.

Julie and Grace are in the same place.

Elle and Beth are in the same place.

So are Molly and Nellie.

I wanted to give the living room a little change.
Here is the usual arrangement.

I made a new carpet and added a bookcase.

This bookcase works great to keep all our books in one place.

The kitchen hasn't changed, although it is looking a bit
busy, maybe needs a little less?

Better? I frosted the glass on the fridge and got rid of some bric-a-brac.

Last but not least, Penny is now where Martin's room used to be.

That's all Folks!

Almost forgot.

Josefina now has a room just for her.

And even a little cocina.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Hot Water Dunk for Kirsten.

I have been hearing a lot about hot water dunks to restore damaged doll hair.  I have done a boil perm (Vintage doll boil perm) on a vintage doll, but never considered that the same treatment could restore damaged doll hair.  So, I decided that my recently acquired Kirsten was a great candidate. She is a Pleasant Company doll most likely from the late 80s or mid 90s.

 Even after my usual hair treatments, Kirsten's hair is dry and frizzy.
When I got Kirsten it looked like her hair had been in braids for years.

I washed her hair just to make sure it was clean.

 Then poured boiling water from my kettle in a bowl.

Set my timer for 5 minutes and let the water cool!
This is very important - don't skip this step!

 I dunked her hair in the slightly cooled water, but not her wig,
 for a few seconds. I dunked a second time for another few seconds.

 I let her hair drip into the sink and sprayed it with the wig conditioner.

In the first brushing I could see her hair was slicker and shinier.

After her hair was dry, it was much silkier.
You can tell this is hair on an older doll, but still MUCH better!

Before for comparison.

Kirsten is very happy with her hair.