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Friday, April 24, 2015

Nellie gets a Surprise!

 Hey that looks like Nellie's doll Betsy!
Except this doll is named Sarah...hmm.

What a great surprise!

 Thanks for playing dolls with me Nellie.
Oh, I love playing dolls! Your babydoll is so sweet!

 Hey Nellie, this came for you.

 What could it be!?!

 Well, open it silly!

 OH! She is a Sarah doll from Colonial Williamsburg!!

 Look! She and Betsy are both from Colonial Williamsburg.

 I love her SO much!
Who sent her to me?!?

It doesn't say and there is no note....

I wonder who sent her to me?

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Spring Sundresses!

 I have been hunting Ebay for summer sundresses for the dolls.  Before I made a decision I found this girls skirt at the thrift store.  I loved the fabric and the smocking was the perfect width, so I thought I would make some sundresses for cheap!

Girls skirt from thrift store - $2.00.

 I particularly liked that this smocking was narrow.

I loved the pattern on the fabric.

I cut the skirt in 2 at the side seams.
This will make 2 dresses.
At this point I gave the 2 pieces a good pressing with the iron.

 There was a spot of ink on the front of one piece. 
This I will use for a short sundress.

 So, I cut off the green trim to use for straps. 

 One seam down the back.

 Add the straps.

 One long sundress!

 I trimmed the 2nd piece of skirt to 6 inches.
Hemmed and added straps from leftover skirt scraps.
These straps will tie at the neck.

 I had this rose bric-a-brac and liked how it looked
on the top, so I hand stitched it on.


Julie is wearing a bandanna headband made from leftover
fabric, Jess is wearing the short sundress with ribbon-rose trim,
and Emma is wearing the long sundress.


 OH! and Jess is wearing these handmade crochet sandals made by Grandma!

Thanks for looking!