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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Spring Sundresses!

 I have been hunting Ebay for summer sundresses for the dolls.  Before I made a decision I found this girls skirt at the thrift store.  I loved the fabric and the smocking was the perfect width, so I thought I would make some sundresses for cheap!

Girls skirt from thrift store - $2.00.

 I particularly liked that this smocking was narrow.

I loved the pattern on the fabric.

I cut the skirt in 2 at the side seams.
This will make 2 dresses.
At this point I gave the 2 pieces a good pressing with the iron.

 There was a spot of ink on the front of one piece. 
This I will use for a short sundress.

 So, I cut off the green trim to use for straps. 

 One seam down the back.

 Add the straps.

 One long sundress!

 I trimmed the 2nd piece of skirt to 6 inches.
Hemmed and added straps from leftover skirt scraps.
These straps will tie at the neck.

 I had this rose bric-a-brac and liked how it looked
on the top, so I hand stitched it on.


Julie is wearing a bandanna headband made from leftover
fabric, Jess is wearing the short sundress with ribbon-rose trim,
and Emma is wearing the long sundress.


 OH! and Jess is wearing these handmade crochet sandals made by Grandma!

Thanks for looking!


Julie Ann Newman said...

Outta site! You're all set for summer in those groovy dresses. Those are really far out sandals, too!

Flo said...

What a terrific idea, both dresses turned out great! I had a trip to the thrift store planned for today, now I may have to look at the kid's clothes too, LOL.

Sophie and Brenda said...

Thanks Julie! I thought of you when I made these dresses, the long dress looks a bit like a 70s style!

Sophie and Brenda said...

Thanks Flo! I love finding things in the thrift store and making it new!

Sharon Collins said...

All are adorable. I love thrift in for fabric. It's a great way to spend a birthday!

Sophie and Brenda said...

Me too Sharon! There is nothing like getting a deal and turning it into something awesome!