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Monday, February 06, 2017

Julie's Collection

We got Julie on our first trip to the American Girl Doll Store in LA. for Sophie's 9th birthday.
What a  fun day!  Every girl should get a doll at the store at least once!

It seems like so long ago, but just 3 years.

 Sadly, some of Julie's meet outfit was lost to puppies.  Her purse and her shoes, sigh.
But, she is wearing her pink Birkenstock's and carrying a crochet shoulder bag.

 My favorite Julie set is her Calico Outfit.

Julie shares this outfit with Josefina - they both look great in it!

Next is Julie's Birthday Dress and hat. 
She is wearing shoes from Kit's school outfit, but this style was also popular in the 70s, so I borrowed. Is it just me or can any of you get this hat to look right on her?

Remember these leather bags?
I found this bag in a gift shop and knew it would be perfect for Julie.

 This outfit is not part of Julie's collection, but I think it is perfect for her.
It is the 2004 American Girl of Today Blue Paisley Talent Show Dress.

The pink shades and beaded belt are very 70s.
And she just looks great in it.

Julie loves her skates! 
We don't have Julie's skating outfit, but may add it in the future.
For now she wears this satin jacket and shorts.

Who didn't have a puka shell necklace in the 70s?

This is the Sophia's Hippie outfit.  
The glasses and belt are from the blue Paisley AG dress.

I added stickers to one of our dollar store guitars to make it look hippie.

 This batik top looks terrific on Julie and I love it with her 2-tone jeans.
This is one of my favorite patterns.

I used her meet outfit belt as a headband.
This purse was part of another doll outfit from Target from 3 years ago.

 From the same pattern as above is this dress I made for Julie.
It is made from an upcycled skirt.

So pretty!

 And one last dress from the same pattern.

These little hair clips are from our 6" LalaLoopsy dolls.
They make cute dolls for dolls and they have great hair accessories.

Outfits I want to add!
Julie's New Year Outfit.
I just adore this!

And of course the Patchwork Short set.
I have been stalking these online, but haven't got them yet,
 maybe for my, I mean, Julie's birthday?

I just ordered the Patchwork Outfit! 
When I realized it was retired, I decided to go ahead and do it.
I also got the New Year's outfit from AG!

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Adding to Molly's Collection

When we were early in our American Girl journey I found our Molly in a thrift store.  She was wearing her green velvet Christmas dress.
 At this point I didn't even know who she was!  It seems strange now.
We found out who she was when we saw her in her Christmas dress at the American Girl store.

Soon after we found Molly I started looking for other pieces of her collection.

Her School dress and school bag came next, as well as her lunchbox and purse. I didn't really think about adding anything else. I have never liked her meet outfit all that much, so our Molly collection stayed here for several years. Then I saw this...

 This is Molly's polka dot Party dress.  I just fell in love! Finding this dress made me look further to see what else I had missed!

So sweet!

 After finding the Polka Dot dress I came across another Molly dress I was not aware of.
Her blue linen Route 66 dress and hat.

The dress buttons up the front. This is an American Girl labeled dress, not Pleasant Company. I think that my PC Molly is slightly plumper than her AG counterparts.

 As I was adding these dresses I decided I should go ahead and get Molly's meet outfit too.
I knew I wanted the Pleasant Company label, so I took my time.

I am still looking for her dickey, but for now I pulled her sweater over her school blouse.

SO, I have been having fun adding some more pieces to Molly's collection, BUT I found a couple more dresses that I thought looked right for her, even though they are not AG.

 This very pretty flowered dress.

I added a little mustard seed pin.

And lastly, this pink lace Carpatina dress.

You look lovely Molly!