Meet Our Dolls

Meet Our Dolls
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meet our dolls

By Sophie Savage (age 8)
(with a  little help from mom)

Hello, this is Sophie, I wanted to introduce my dolls to you.

Grace Elizabeth
Birthday: July 12
6th grade

Emma Grace
Birthday: February 23
6th grade

Molly Jane
Welcome Molly
Birthdate: April 22nd
6th grade

Julie Erin
Welcome Julie
Birthday: July 13
6th grade

Elle Loise & Beth Ann
twin sisters

Welcome Beth  and  Meeting Elle
Birthday: February 8
6th grade

Josefina Maria
Birthdate: March 28th
6th grade

Nellie Ellen

Welcome Nellie
Birthday:  October 15th
6th grade

Martin Matthew

Meet Martin
Birthday:  April 3rd
6th grade

Skyler Holly
Meet Skyler
Birthday: March 23rd
6th grade

Amy Adelle 
Welcome Amy
Birthday: March 3rd
4th grade

Layla Lily
Welcome Layla
Birthday: March 3rd
4th grade

Naija Amal
Birthday: April 28th
4th grade

Zelia Marisa
Birthday: May 31st
4th grade

Kirsten Jansen
Birthday: September 4th
6th grade

April Brianna-Mae
Birthday: April 20th
6th Grade