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Meet Our Dolls
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meet our dolls

By Sophie Savage (age 8)
(with a  little help from mom)

Hello, this is Sophie, I wanted to introduce my dolls to you.

Grace Elizabeth
Birthday: July 12
6th grade

Emma Grace
Birthday: February 23
6th grade

Molly Jane
Welcome Molly
Birthdate: April 22nd
6th grade

Julie Erin
Welcome Julie
Birthday: July 13
6th grade

Elle Loise & Beth Ann
twin sisters

Welcome Beth  and  Meeting Elle
Birthday: February 8
6th grade

Josefina Maria
Birthdate: March 28th
6th grade

Nellie Ellen

Welcome Nellie
Birthday:  October 15th
6th grade

Martin Matthew

Meet Martin
Birthday:  April 3rd
6th grade

Kirsten Jansen

Birthday: September 4th
6th grade

Amy Adelle 
Welcome Amy
Birthday: March 3rd
4th grade

Layla Lily
Welcome Layla
Birthday: March 3rd
4th grade

Naija Amal
Birthday: April 28th
4th grade

Zelia Marisa
Birthday: May 31st
4th grade


Cathie said...

Is Emma Grace an American girl doll? Did you name her that or did she come with that name. My name is Emma Grace and I am 7

Brenda and Sophie said...

Emma Grace is an American Girl Doll. She is a 'Just Like You' doll. We named her ourselves.

Sandra said...

The amy adele & skyler dolls look different, even their chest has collar bones, they are gorgeous, are they american girl? If not, which Im almost possitive, who makes them? iI would love to get one.
They really are even a little prettier then the AG dolls, my daughter loves AG but yhey can get expensive!

Brenda and Sophie said...

Amy and Adelle are 14" Hearts for Hearts dolls. It's possible your local Toys R Us might have a doll left, but they are no longer being made. You can find them on Ebay now. This is an article I wrote about these dolls.

Skyler is an 18" Madame Alexander Doll. Her face is lovely, but the hair is of lesser quality than the AG dolls. It would not hold up as well to a lot of play.

There are a lot of very pretty 18" and 14" dolls other than AG, but AG is definitely tops in quality.

Riley said...

I have heard that if my American girl dolls eyes get wet they change colors, is that true!? If, so then if my American girl dolls eyes are blue then what color will they be if they get wet? (not intending to get them wet because if they do they will rust,just wanting to know)

Brenda and Sophie said...

Actually I heard from another reader that the dolls eyes turning silver is a defect in the eyes and AG will replace them for free if that happens. Apparently getting wet does not cause the eyes to turn silver. Look at my article "Doll care and Cleaning" you can read her comments.