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Meet Our Dolls
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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Welcome Carter Family!

Knock, knock.

Hello, I'm Julie, you must be Justin.

Yeah hi!  These are my sisters, Martin said I should bring them with me.

 This is Jayla and Jonquil.

Hey Dude!  Let's hit the treehouse.

Yeah! OK!

Hey Molly, this is Jonquil.  Can we have some cookies?
Sure, I'll have some coming out of the oven soon.  I'll bring them up.


Jonquil I love your name!  It's so pretty.

Thanks, it's the name of a flower my mom likes.

I really like all your dolls.

Happy smiles.

Molly, this is Jayla, Justin's twin!

Nice to meet you Jayla.  Would you like a cupcake in a bit?
They're almost done?

Sure thanks!

So tell us Jayla, what's it like having a BOY twin?

It's just like having a brother, but we seem closer than a lot
of brothers and sisters.

We are so curious because we are twins too.

Yeah...I kinda figured that out.  Hehe.

(all laughing)

Where did you move from?

Virginia, just outside Washington D.C.

Wow.  I went to Washington a couple years ago.  
It was a really great trip.

So can I ask a question? How many of you are there?

Well, there are 12 of us girls and Martin.  He complains about all us girls sometimes.

Hehe, Justin complains and he just has us 2!


I made some smoothies too.  
There's strawberry, chocolate and green tea.

Wow, this is yummy thanks Molly.
Thanks for the great welcome.


We want to welcome our new neighbors and friends.
Justin, Jayla and Jonquil.

Justin and Jayla are twins.  

Jonquil is the twins baby sister.

They are a military family.  Their dad is Colonel Carter, 
now stationed at Camp Pendleton.

Before moving here they lived in Reston, Virginia
Reston is a suburb of Washington D.C.
Their Dad worked at the Pentagon. Pretty cool huh?

The kids think they'll like living here on the California coast,
especially now that they have so many new friends!

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

The kite

This is great just me and a good book.
Huh!?  What's that?

No way.

An X-wing fighter kite!

Hey, can you help me with my kite!!

Oh, hey dude, I didn't see you. Yeah sure.

That's a cool tree fort.

Come on up if you want.

Wow, this is awesome. I'm Justin by the way.

I'm Martin, nice to meet you.

Did you build this yourself?

Yeah I did.  I come up here to get away from my sisters.

I feel ya man.  I have 2 sisters!

I got that beat dude, I have 12!

No way!

Way. We are ALL adopted, can you believe it?

That is awesome

Where do you live Justin?

We just moved in a couple doors down.  
My dad is a Colonel in the Marines.
We just got stationed at Pendleton. 

Wow, that is cool.

Hey wanna try flying my kite from here?
 There it goes!