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Friday, December 27, 2013

A little bit of AG for Christmas!

 There were three little AG boxes under the tree for Christmas!

 The first outfit is the "Pretty Party Outfit"

 The second is the "Ruffled Hoodie Outfit"

The third, and Sophie's favorite is the 
"Basketball Outfit"

Here we all are in front of the tree wearing our new outfits.

 Hold it!  Wait a minute! You forgot the best yet!
My homemade Michigan State Spartans tee!!

 We'll all be watching the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Angel Tree

Well, I hope the girls all like this idea...

What idea?
Oh, Julie!  You startled me!
It's so early Nellie what are you doing?

It's this.
What's that Nellie?

This is an angel from the Angel Tree at church.    
You select an angel and it is has the name and 
age of a child whose parent is in prison and
 we buy a gift for the child on behalf of that parent. 

Hi Nellie, is anyone else up?  I thought we were going Christmas shopping today?
Oh, hi Emma.  A couple of the girls are up,
but I think Grace was feeling like she had a cold coming on.
Oh, that's too bad.  What are these angels?
This is why we are shopping today! Let me explain... then we buy the gifts for the kids whose parents are in prison.
That sounds like such a great idea.  I am going to get dressed.
I wish I felt better so I could go too.
Grace you get back in bed, I'm staying here with you. 

Nellie are you sure you don't want to come along?
No, I'll stay with Grace.
I'll be fine Nellie you should go.
No Grace I'll stay, besides you know how I hate crowds.

Oh Grace, I am so sorry you don't feel well.  Can we bring you anything?
No, just have fun and take pictures.
OK, we will.

It feels wrong somehow going to the mall without Nellie 
and Grace.  Especially since it was Nellie's idea!
We'll have to make the best of it I'm afraid.

Look! A Santa sleigh!
Come on girls we need to find the toy store!

It's Santa!!
We promised Grace we'd take pictures.
Oh all right!

Finally, the toy store!
Oh look at those dolls!
Look at this play horse!
Oh, such a cute tea set!

We're back!  Look at what we found Grace!
We have pictures too!  We saw Santa and sat in a sleigh and...

We're back Nellie!  Look, We found everything for our Angel Tree kids.

You did a great job girls! I'll package these up and take them back to church.
I just wish I could be there to see the kids faces 
when they get a present from their parent who can't be with them!

Nellie, you have a heart of gold!  Let's do this again next year.
That sounds great, let's do it.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Impromptu Slumber Party

Slumber Party
by: Sophie Savage

Hello everyone, Sophie here.  We are having a slumber party 
tonight and reading a really funny book.
So, here we go!

First thing is EVERYONE needs to put on
 their pajamas and brush their hair.
I'm next!

All right, is everyone ready?
We're ready!
No, I'm squished!

 Sorry Nellie, but we all have to squeeze in.
But why do I have to be in the middle! 

 Now Nellie, we all have to work together, or no one will have any fun.
 OK, I'll try.

 Wait I want a hug!  
OK Grace a hug for you then it's time to read.

We are reading, "Ramona and Beezus" by Beverly Cleary tonight.
Yeah!  I love that one,
My favorite!
They are SO funny!
OK, OK quiet down girls...

(twenty minutes later)
Goodnight everyone.

Friday, October 25, 2013

A Spooky Party!

By Sophie (age 9) & Mommy

 Well, I think everything is ready for my Halloween party.

 I think this is the place, Julie said it was the last house on the block.

 Hi Julie!  We finally made it.  

 Thanks for coming! Let me snap a picture of you in your costumes.

You all look great! Hey would you take a picture of me and Josie?
Sure stand over there. Very pretty!

We both wanted to wear an Indian dress.
I'm wearing a Punjabi dress and Josie is wearing a Saree.

Julie who is in the ghost costume?

Um, I'm not really sure, Molly?

Hi everyone!
Nope it's not Molly...

 Who's not Molly?

The food is great Julie! Thanks for having this great party for us all.
I'm getting a little freaked out by this ghost...

 Excuse me, but WHO ARE YOU!?!

It's me Savannah Ann!  I flew all the way from Georgia to surprise y'all!
*in unison*

 The party just got even better!
Let's all dance!


A Spooky Halloween tale!

Filmed and directed by:  Sophie Savage

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hello from Georgia!

By: Savannah Ann

Hello everyone, it's Savannah Ann!
I just got back home from a  fun surprise in California and now I just want to say
Here in our house we are BIG Georgia Bulldog fans.
Aunt Sina and I like nothing better than to cheer on our favorite team.

Aunt Sina and I LOVE the fall. 
We love the leaves turning, FOOTBALL, decorating for 
Halloween and just enjoying the cool weather.

 I love to get on some cozy warm clothes and take a walk.
The sun may be shining, but it is MUCH cooler here than in California.

Oooo!  This spider sure makes it feel like Halloween!

 In the evenings we like to sit by a crackling fire.

Here I am relaxing with jingles and Grandma Bobbi.
And what is our favorite thing to do?

Watch football of course!!


Well, the fire is burning low and it is time I got in bed.
That's all for now, take care y'all!

Love and hugs,
Savannah Ann