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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Savannah Ann & Emma's Adventures in Camping

Based on true events!

Savannah Ann and Emma have decided to go camping. 
They took their two dogs, Buddy and Missy.
I think we are ready to go Emma!
Yes, I think we are.  Let's see, sleeping bags, pillows, tent, 

 Oh Emma!  I just love driving through the mountains.
Me too Savannah, it is so cool and lovely.

Let's set up the tent first.

 Here you go Missy into the tent!

Buddy, don't get underfoot.

Mmm, I am so hungry.  Do we have seconds?
Oh yes, I put the other hotdogs over there

                                          snif, snif                                                  gulp

 Hey, Emma, did you check the weather for this weekend?
No, why?
It's just looking a little cloudy.
I can still see some blue sky, I am sure it won't rain.
Hey, where are the other hotdogs?
They were here a minute ago...

Uh oh, maybe we better get settled in the tent.

  Oh well, a little rain is nice to fall asleep to.

Hehe, Buddy you are such a sweet boy.
grrr, grrr, grrrrr
Missy stop your growling, they are just playing.

 *yaaawn*  Boy, I am sleepy.
Let's go to sleep.

zzzzzzzz, zzzzzz

*distant thunder*


Ahh!  what was that!?! 
Oh no, it is really raining and thundering now!

 Oof!  Buddy get off your too heavy!


Grrr, grrr, grrr.  


Oh no!  What is that smell?!?! 
It's Buddy!  He does that when he is scared!
The smell is filling the whole tent!!

 AAAHHH!  Ooof, Buddy get off me!!  
Missy stop!
Oh the smell is awful!

AHH!  Emma let's get out of here!
grrr, grrr, grrr. Missy hush!
But it's pouring rain and it's the middle of the night!
I don't care! Let's go!

 (Much later, back at Emma's loft)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Some new Dresses!

 I made this dress for one of Sophie's friends, 
but it was so pretty we decided to keep it.

 Pantalettes for modesty. : )

 I thought this fabric looked like something Julie would wear.

 Some MORE dresses for all Sophie's friends!  whew

 It was worth it to see all their faces.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A girls day out

By Sophie & mom

Get buckled up!  

Let's go  

hm hm hm, when will we get there? 

We finally made it!

Ruby's!  Our favorite place to eat!

Look, there's the train! 

 Here's the menus

 Look we got something to play with.  Build it for us Sophie!

Chocolate, our favorite!

Here Grace you have some too.

Hello Mr. Robot.

Look I have a Ruby paper doll.

Yum, Mac n Cheese, my favorite.

Look what we found at Build a Bear,  i want one!

Mustache glasses, hehe.

Make a wish

KATY PERRY!  We love her!

Thanks Mom for taking us to the mall.