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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Sophie's Doll Party!!

By Sophie & Mom

Sophie planned a Doll Play-date for her and her friends.   She wanted to have a tea party and a cafe' where her friends could order their food for lunch.  

Here is the menu Sophie made for her friends. 
(She made it all herself on the computer) 
Sophie was the waiter and I was the chef.

 The day before Sophie and I chose all the mini snacks we could find at the store.
We had mini oreos, mini nutter butter thingys, mini fudge swirls and mini cheese crackers.

 Everyone had their dolls and a doll tea cup.

 We filled the tea pots with Capri Sun.

 After tea everyone swam.

 And splashed!!

 One of the moms brought Sophie a new doll dress as a gift!

 It was a great day!!