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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Kirsten and Josefina

Finally our new school house is finished!

"Hello Mrs. Lunden.  My Mother told us to bring along this picnic lunch.
Are we all having a picnic today?"

"Yes girls, we are, but it is more than that.  Since you two girls have been so helpful in setting our new school in order Mr. Lunden and I thought you deserved to come along with us today to select books for our school. We will leave momentarily for the train-station."


"Yes we already spoke to your parents.  They were happy to let you come along with us."

"Oh, Josefina, I can't believe we are riding a trian today!"

"Me either.  I wonder where we are going?"

"Don't let your doll out of the window! I almost lost Else that way."


"Santa Barbara!"

"Look at the beautiful scenery girls!"

"Mrs. Lunden, how do we get to the shop from the train?"

"We have arranged the use of a wagon dear."


"Are these all the school books you have?"
"Yes sir."
"Come girls. let's take a look together. I will select the text books, 
you will please select books for reading."

"Ooo, look Mr. Lunden an Alphabet book with pictures!"

"Yes, that will be useful for small children."

"This looks interesting, I wonder what it's about?"

"My Papa read it, I think it is an adventure about shipwreck!"

"I love my Fairy Tale book, let's choose this one."

"Here girls, this one is quite new, but I think you would enjoy it.
I believe we have selected enough books for today. 
You girls go outside and wait in the wagon while we make our purchase."

" I wonder where we will have our picnic?"

"Here is our picnic spot."

"The Santa Barbara Mission?"

"Yes Josefina, your uncle has asked us to deliver a note to the Padre here.
He suggested we might make it our stop for luncheon."

"This is a wonderful place for a picnic."

"I agree."

"It's so beautiful here."

"Yes, it is."

"Time to go girls! Or we'll miss the train."

"It was nice of Mrs. Lunden to bring us a blanket for the ride home."
"I think we have the nicest teachers anywhere."

"Me too!"



Thursday, October 19, 2017

Another Change!

 Why are all these rooms empty!?!

This is why, we got new floors in the sewing and doll room!

 Here is the old carpet - SO DARK!
Not only did we get a new floor, we moved the WHOLE dollhouse.

Now it is in the little eave room.
This was a bit complicated, but we finally made it work.
You might notice there is a little built-in down on the bottom left.
Luckily, this was exactly the same width as the larger rooms.

Everything is definitely in a different arrangement AND
some of the girls traded rooms and furniture.
The kitchen and living room are now on the second floor.

Julie and the twins exchanged beds.
Now the twins have the bunk beds and Julie the trundle.
"We were SO tired of pulling out that trundle each night."

Julie now has the trundle AND her own room!

"I did the decorating myself using some of my own artwork.
I know Grace is happy without my messiness, 
even if she's too nice to say so!"

Grace is next door to Julie.
Grace is also happy having her own room.
"Julie and I like different styles. I like things orderly and neat,
Julie likes things more 'artistic'."

Next to Grace are Molly and Nellie.
Molly and Nellie still share, but they now have one of the large rooms.
"This makes more sense since we have 2 beds."

"We still love Paris, that hasn't changed."

"Mom found these photos from Paris,
Nellie and I just need to get some frames for them."

The little girls room is under the eaves, but...

they have a much larger space to play in.
"We love having the top of the house!"

Emma's room looks pretty much the same.
"I'm just glad this move is over!"

Martin is also under the eaves, but he says he doesn't mind.
"I like to be outside most of the time anyway."

The living room is nearly the same.

We found the butterfly mobile BEHIND the dollhouse.
How did it get there?!?

The kitchen has a couple new additions.
"I love the new kitchen!"

Remember this image that was the inspiration for our new kitchen?
Well, we needed a few touches of red and blue.

This is a new bowl I found thrifting, as well as the apples to fill it.

This picture we've had for awhile, 
but it is perfect in the new kitchen.

There are some blue touches in the china cabinet too.

And another touch of red over the stove.

Everybody is all settled in after the big move.

 We even added an "S" for the Savage Family.

OH! And don't forget Penny!