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Friday, December 16, 2016

Kirsten Jansen, Book 2, Chapter 1

After we arrived in Santa Inez and Papa got our farm, it was time to build. I tried to help Papa as much as I could. He said that he was used to hard work and after our long trip he was happy to be busy again.  While our house was being built we lived  in a big tent.  I liked it , but Mama said it was hard to keep everything in order.

It was not long after Papa started our house that I met my new friend Josefina. She lived on a Ranch with her father.  Her Uncle was Father Joseph at the Santa Inez Mission.  I was confused, but Josefina said her Father and Fr. Joseph were brothers. Josefina said she had come to invite me on a picnic!  

Mama and Papa said I had done enough work for the day and I should go.  Mama had me put on a clean apron before I go to eat. Josefina said she knew a place with wildflowers growing.  She said her pony's name was Camilla.  I told Josefina she was so lucky to have her own pony.

Josefina had brought a lunch of tortillas, sweet buns and boiled eggs. I had never had tortillas before, they were delicious!  We talked about how my family came to California.  Josefina told me about her father's Ranch and her Uncle Joseph.  She asked if I would like to come stay at her ranch sometime.  I said yes I truly would!

Finally, Early in December, the day came when Papa said the cabin was ready!  Mama and Papa put on their best clothes and Papa ushered Mama and I inside.  It was beautiful! It was a day of celebration.

Mama and I climbed up to my room.  I was so happy!

 Soon I was helping Mama unpack our boxes and trunks.
Papa carried in boxes and Mama and I unpacked them.

Mama was happy to find her dishes had made the long trip from Denmark without breaking. 
When everything was put away it began to feel like home.  

As the day lengthened Mama said I should go make up my bed.
I was so excited to have my own room again! 

  I was so happy when Papa carried up my new dresser! I carefully arranged my trinket box,
wash basin and my picture of Isabelle.  Mama brought up a candle stick for my room, but warned that only she or Papa could light it for me. I had been straightening up my room for quite awhile when Papa called me to come down.

SURPRISE!! They had put up a Christmas tree while I was upstairs!
Now it really felt like home.  It was when I saw the tree that I realized something was missing, 
"Papa, when will it snow?"
Mama and Papa just laughed.
"Kirsten my dear it doesn't snow here!"


Flo said...

Love seeing how you've incorporated all of the things you've found or made into the story!

Julie Ann Newman said...

Wow, Kirsten sure makes friends fast! I think Josefina is pretty. Her house reminds me of Laura Ingalls house on "Little House On The Prairie". I hope she gets a pony soon!

Brenda and Sophie said...

Kirsten has certainly been lucky in making friends. I didn't think about the house being similar to Laura Ingalls, but you are right! Hmmm, a pony.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thanks Flo, yes I love that too. That is what makes it so fun finding these little treasures.

Anonymous said...

What a delightful surprise for Kirsten to find a decorated tree. Now tomte can make a visit. Will Kirsten leave a bowl of rice pudding for him?

Brenda and Sophie said...

I'll have to look that up. Fawn. I am learning so much about othee Christmas traditions.