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Friday, December 09, 2016

New AG Trundle Bed

 I'm sure you recall this AG Trundle that I got second hand.

It had the trundle, but no mattress.

I cut out some egg crate to make a mattress.
I then covered it in white fabric. 

Next I needed another pillow and case.
I used pink ric-rac so it would not be too matchy.

 I went through my fabric stash and found some possible matches.

The AG spread is very pretty with embroidered butterflies.
Teal, pink lavender and green.

Here is the trundle quilt. 
I maybe should have gone to the fabric store 
for a darker pink, but I think it will work.

 I made some extra pillows. to pull it all together.

 Here is the Trundle bed with all its new bedding.

I decided the trundle would go in this room shared by Skyler and Josefina.

 I like that there is more floor space.

Skyler likes it!


Linda Reynolds said...

Very nice!

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thank you Linda!

Flo said...

I love the bedding you made. Doll bedding is definitely one of my favorite things to make, it's like decorating without the expense of doing it to your own home!

Brenda and Sophie said...

I must admit I feel the same way. I think that is what I really love about our dollhouse. I can redecorate at will with little expense. Oh and thanks!

Anonymous said...

That trundle bed is adorable.

Anonymous said...

What a great bed for a doll.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thanks I think so too.