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Monday, July 03, 2017

The Sister's Award

WOW! Molly and me (Julie) have been nominated for the Sister's Award by our friends, Carol and Melody, over at AG's Wondrous World.  Thanks Carol and Melody!

Here are the rules:
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the 11 questions and have your sister do the same. This way we can compare and contrast the two of you.
  • Nominate 7 bloggers and have them answer the same 11 questions.
  • Have fun!

We will answer together.

Which of you is Older?

Molly: I am older by 4 months.

Julie: It seems like 4 years sometimes!

What's your favorite thing to do together?

Molly: I think it would be eating!  I like to cook and Julie likes to eat.

Julie: True, I love to eat and Molly is a great cook. 

What is your sister's favorite food?

Molly: I have to choose just one?  Like I said, Julie loves to eat.
(Julie whispers) Pizza.

Julie: Molly loves baked goodies, especially the ones she makes herself.

What is a character trait in the other that you appreciate?

Molly:  Julie is just so talented. She is a photographer and a musician.  
She is just amazing.

Julie:  Molly is so SWEET! She is the kindest person I know.

What's a character trait in the other that you DON'T appreciate?

Molly: Julie can be a bit of a slob.

Julie: Molly is very OLD for her age.  Like I said it's like she's 4 YEARS older, not 4 months. She can be kinda bossy, but in the nicest way!

What's one hobby that you have that the other doesn't?

Molly: Definitely cooking.  Julie loves to eat, but doesn't love to cook.

Julie: Photography, Molly just isn't interested although she always has something nice to say about the photos I show her.

Who keeps a cleaner room?

Molly: HA!  Me definitely, no contest.

Julie: Molly.  My room is never clean. Hey it's the creative mind!

What's the biggest way in which your sister can annoy you?

Molly:  It's strange but Julie always seems to disappear when it's time to clean.

Julie: Molly always seems to know when we are making a bad decision.  I hate that she's usually right.  Haha

Describe each other in 3 words

Molly: Funny, Talented, Loyal.

Julie: Sweet, Kind, Wise.

How do you differ personality-wise?

Molly: Julie is definitely a creative mind.

Julie: Molly is a care-giver. Let's be honest I can be kinda selfish sometimes.

Why do you love your sister?

Molly: I love Julie because she always makes us laugh and never gives up on anything.

Julie: I love Molly because she gives great advice and always does things to cheer us up when we are down.

Thanks again Carol and Melody from  AG's Wondrous World 
for nominating us for this great award.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Another OG Retro outfit!

I was at my local Target and saw this outfit on sale!
I have been eyeing it since my last retro outfit from OG,
so I really couldn't resist.

I also picked up this little "Got To Lava" retro set.  
It was on sale as well!
Mostly I wanted the lava lamp for our Julie.

I thought this outfit might look good on Molly.

I was right, I love it!

The yellow cat eye sunglasses are perfect.

Unfortunately, the sandal straps were too short to go around an
AG doll ankle. I tucked them behind on Molly, 
hmm, not very satisfactory.
The quality of these shoes is pretty nice by OG standards.
Red cotton fabric and hard plastic soles.

The lava lamp retro set came with a journal and pencil, 
a furry pillow, cat-eye glasses, and the lava lamp.
The lamp is supposed to glow in the dark, but haven't tested it yet.

Here is the lava lamp and journal on Julie's dresser.

I tried putting the lava lamp in different dark locations, but no glow!
Next, we'll see if it needs to charge under a light bulb.

April wanted to see if the shoes fit her - they did.

Even on her the strap barely reaches.

Skyler wanted to try them next.

I guess Molly needs some new red sandals?
Maybe we already have enough shoes?

Friday, June 09, 2017

Recent Thrift Finds

Let me start by saying that I have had some amazing finds lately!  I was reminded by Flo over at Say Hello to my Little Friends I had a pile of thrift finds I never shared. Let me start with this:

I found this little chair with some text, 
"Chairs are always good to have so friends can sit beside you."
How cute is that? This chair is definitely going in our kitchen.

Next I found an AG bike helmet.

This is a mini Fender guitar.
I'm not sure if it's a bird wing or a butterfly wing?

This is the third one I have found recently.
Julie claimed this for her own, I don't blame her.

Such nice detail.

Next I found this plate.  I thought it would look 
great in Kirsten's cabin.

I was right - it's adorable.

Yes, that's a Felicity Tea Table chair.

Can you believe it?  It had a few scratches, but
that didn't bother me in the least.

My very BEST find lately is not an AG item, but an
AMAZING vintage doll find.  

She was in pretty rough shape when I found her
I know she is not much to look at, but look at her now!

She is a 1957 Madame Alexander Cissy doll.
Here is how I cleaned and restored her:


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Martin shares some REALLY cool stuff

Hello all. Martin here.  I know you must be tired of hearing about HAIR and CLOTHES and all that boring stuff so I decided I would share some REALLY cool stuff.
You can see here some of my collectibles.  
Mostly Star Wars, and Harry Potter.
Oh and by the way, the Harry Potter books are the best EVAR - just sayin.

I have an R2D2 trash can AND a real R2D2 model.

I have BOTH the large and the small Millennium Falcon models.

 I also have this Star Destroyer and an original version X-wing fighter.
This is the type X-wing Luke flew in "A New Hope".

This is my skateboard.  Cool huh?

I also play the guitar. Listen to this riff!
(twang twang)

I have this cool model of Han Solo on a Tauntaun from the ice planet Hoth. 

As well as a Chewbacca and C3PO

I have a real Harry Potter robe.
Oh, this is my dog Buddy - he's cool too.

This is my Hedwig stuffed owl.

And this is a wand I made from a tree branch.
I told you this would be cool, but the best is yet to come!

This is my horse Penny.

Here's Buddy again.  He likes to tag along with Penny and I.

I think I am very lucky to have a horse of my own.
Well, I really share her with all my sisters, but I ride the most,
except for maybe Molly.

Well, that's it.  I hope you enjoyed this post about really cool stuff.

Oh, I almost forgot!
This is my best friend and photographer - Emma.
Julie's a better photographer but she said she was busy.

Emma wanted me to get a picture of her new dress.