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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year

Dear Friends of the Savage Dolls,

This is to let you know that our blog will be going dark.
Thank you for all the fun and sharing over the past six years.

All our thanks and appreciation,

Brenda, Sophie
and all the Savage Dolls

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Christmas Time is Here

"Christmas time is here..."

"Happiness and cheer..."

"Fun for all that children call..."

"Their favorite time of year."

"Snowflakes in the air..."

"Carols everywhere..."

"Olden times and ancient rhymes..."

"Of love and dreams to share."

"Sleigh bells in the air..."

"Beauty everywhere,

Yuletide by the fireside..."

"And joyful memories there..."

"Christmas time is here..."

"We'll be drawing near..."

"Oh, that we could always see,

Such spirit through the year."

Songwriters: Lee Mendelson / Vince Guaraldi


Saturday, December 16, 2017

Justin and Martin

Hi Justin, what's the hurry?

I gotto go get Martin! See ya!

Oh man, Martin, you won't believe it.  I don't know how to tell you.

What is it?!? Is it bad?

It's your treehouse - it's all wrecked.


Let's go, I wanna see this myself.

Sorry man.

Oh no!  All my hard work - gone.  It must have been those Santa Ana winds.

Yeah, I bet your right about that - those winds are strong.
Hey, Martin, you built this by yourself before, I know we can fix it together.

Well, the main support is still here.

Let's go talk to my dad, I bet he has some wood we can use.

Martin!  Look what my dad gave me!

That is awesome.

Thanks for helping me Justin.

Hey yeah, I'm happy to help.

I think we'll be able to finish this today.

Yeah, I think so too, thanks to you Justin.

Hey Martin, I'll be back in a bit.

Oh, ok.

Whew glad you're still here, my dad suggested I bring this along.

What is it?  More tools?

Nope, a grill, for a couple hard working dudes.

Thanks Justin, this is great.  
And thanks for helping me fix OUR tree-house.

Hey, thanks man.  That's cool.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Molly is in the kitchen preparing treats to take to
the family Thanksgiving.

Everyone loves to peek in on Molly when she starts baking.

Molly has some new bowls from Walmart - too cute!

Soon the kitchen is getting crowded.

Everyone is getting dressed for this special day.

Elle and Beth are pretty in pink.


From the Savage Dolls

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Kirsten and Josefina

Finally our new school house is finished!

"Hello Mrs. Lunden.  My Mother told us to bring along this picnic lunch.
Are we all having a picnic today?"

"Yes girls, we are, but it is more than that.  Since you two girls have been so helpful in setting our new school in order Mr. Lunden and I thought you deserved to come along with us today to select books for our school. We will leave momentarily for the train-station."


"Yes we already spoke to your parents.  They were happy to let you come along with us."

"Oh, Josefina, I can't believe we are riding a trian today!"

"Me either.  I wonder where we are going?"

"Don't let your doll out of the window! I almost lost Else that way."


"Santa Barbara!"

"Look at the beautiful scenery girls!"

"Mrs. Lunden, how do we get to the shop from the train?"

"We have arranged the use of a wagon dear."


"Are these all the school books you have?"
"Yes sir."
"Come girls. let's take a look together. I will select the text books, 
you will please select books for reading."

"Ooo, look Mr. Lunden an Alphabet book with pictures!"

"Yes, that will be useful for small children."

"This looks interesting, I wonder what it's about?"

"My Papa read it, I think it is an adventure about shipwreck!"

"I love my Fairy Tale book, let's choose this one."

"Here girls, this one is quite new, but I think you would enjoy it.
I believe we have selected enough books for today. 
You girls go outside and wait in the wagon while we make our purchase."

" I wonder where we will have our picnic?"

"Here is our picnic spot."

"The Santa Barbara Mission?"

"Yes Josefina, your uncle has asked us to deliver a note to the Padre here.
He suggested we might make it our stop for luncheon."

"This is a wonderful place for a picnic."

"I agree."

"It's so beautiful here."

"Yes, it is."

"Time to go girls! Or we'll miss the train."

"It was nice of Mrs. Lunden to bring us a blanket for the ride home."
"I think we have the nicest teachers anywhere."

"Me too!"