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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Kirsten Jansen Chapter 5

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Book Report on Kirsten Jansen           By Emma Savage

Part 5 The wagon Train West

The journey West for Kirsten and her parents was mostly uneventful.  The wagon train averaged 15 miles a day.  Kirsten and her friend Elizabeth enjoyed riding with their school teacher Mrs. Lunden in her wagon when her husband rode.

 Mr. Lunden was given a bit of ribbing by Mr. Conklin about his European style riding rig.  The teasing was all in good fun.  Mr. Conklin often spoke with Mr. Lunden about his fine horse.

The wagon train did meet some Indians, but they were following a herd of buffalo.  Mr. Conklin made a gift of flour and fabric and we parted ways peacefully.

Every night the wagons were arranged in circles. This was a way of protecting the wagon train from predators and hostile attacks.

 Families shared in large group meals and enjoyed talk, music and sometimes dancing.
Elizabeth and Kirsten loved the dancing nights.  Everyone laughed and danced so much they forgot about bedtime!

Too soon, the wagon train was passing Independence Rock. Kirsten and Elizabeth knew they had only a day or two more before the Oregon and California trains took separate paths from Fort Hall.  

After only 1 night at Fort Hall it was time for Kirsten to say goodbye to Elizabeth.  Neither father was willing to change their final destination.  The two girls hugged and said goodbye as Kirsten's parents finished packing in preparation to leave. Mr. Conklin was going to lead the California train and Mr. Carel the Oregon train.

Elizabeth and Kirsten waved as long as they could see each other.
Kirsten was lucky though, Mr. and Mrs. Lunden were going to California as well, so she would have their teaching at least until Sacramento.

The wagon train had to cross the Raft River in Idaho before turning Southwest into Nevada and then on towards Sacramento, California.

Later that same day a Mountain Lion was spotted on the far side of the river.  Mr. Conklin felt the lion was just at the river for water and not a threat to the stock, but Mr. Conklin said all the children must ride in the wagons the rest of that day.

Most of the journey through Nevada followed the Humbolt River.  This meant water which was very important.  As the wagon train drew closer to the California border it would Follow the Carson River through Carson City then on to Sacramento.

Just when it seemed that the wagon train would go on forever Kirsten's family was walking into Sacramento.  In comparison to the Forts and small towns the wagoners had seen since beginning their trip West, Sacramento was a very big city. Kirsten learned from her Papa that Sacramento was the Capitol of California.  

Kirsten was amazed to find that the Sacramento River was big enough for large ships to carry cargo from Sacramento to the San Francisco Bay.  Time came for the wagoners to say farewell to Mr. Conklin and began to break up into smaller groups, some going north, some south. 

 Kirsten was elated to hear that Mr. and Mrs. Lunden had decided to follow Kirsten's family to Santa Ines!  They were intrigued by the descriptions of the beauty of the area.

As part of her geography assignment, Mr, Lunden had Kirsten copy and color a map of California showing the remainder of their journey.  Papa helped her by pointing out their proposed stops along the way. The Mission road or El Camino Real, was a good way to go. 

One of their early stops was Mission San Juan Bautista

And another, Mission San Luis Obispo

And finally Mission Santa Ines!

Kirsten's Papa successfully claimed a large parcel of land.  It was green and beautiful and surrounded by mountains.  Papa was eager to start building a cabin as cooler weather and winter rains were coming soon.  Kirsten's long journey to California was finally at an end, but her adventures were just beginning.

Well done Emma.  I can tell you enjoyed Kirsten's story.  Your book report was very good. There is another book by Kirsten Jansen if you are interested?

YES PLEASE! Thanks Ms. Smith!

Chapter 1 My California Home

Building our Home...

"Hello, I'm Josefina."


Julie Ann Newman said...

Yay! That was a dynamite story! I can't wait to read the next one!

Brenda and Sophie said...

I'm so glad you liked it! It has been fun creating it.

Flo said...

Yay, they made it! Looking forward to hearing about Josefina.

Brenda and Sophie said...

I'm glad you liked it! Yes, Josefina and Kirsten are going to have lots of fun.