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Meet Our Dolls
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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Where are Amy & Layla?

Hmm, I wonder where Amy & Layla are?

 Hi Jess, I'm looking for Amy & Layla, have you seen them?
No, Maybe Molly or Nellie know?

No, we haven't seen them, check with Grace she and Jose were going to play dolls.

We asked them to play but they said they were busy.

No, I've been catching up on my email.

Hmm, now where's Martin?

Hi Beth, Hi Elle, have you seen Amy & Layla.
Oh, yeah they are watching a movie with Martin.

There you are! Are you ready to read a book....
(no response - movie sounds)

Looks like we have 2 more Potter Heads.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A mouse house in our dollhouse!

Amy & Layla got a new Mouse House for their room!
Our Daddy had a nice surprise for us,
He built a dollhouse for a dollhouse.

(Well, a mouse house because it was too small for anyone else!)

The bedroom

 The sewing room

The living room and kitchen

We also used spools and buttons for some of our tiny furnishings.

Every Mouse House needs a little cheese.

 The bathroom with a tiny teacup bath tub. 

Layla and Amy really like their new mouse house.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Goodnight Stories

 Hi Emma where are you headed?

Hi, Nellie, Hi Jess, 
I promised Amy & Layla I would read them a story tonight

 What are you reading?
"The Velveteen Rabbit" and "Miss Suzy".
Oh, those are two of my favorites!
Me too!

"And so the Velveteen Rabbit became a real rabbit. The End"
I really liked that story Emma, but it was a little sad.
Yes, it is, but a good kind of sad, right?
I guess so.

 This next one has a very happy ending, I promise.  It is called "Miss Suzy".

Miss Suzy loved her little house in a tall tree, see here she is all tucked in her bed just like you.

And here are the mean Red Squirrels who chase her out of her nice house.
No fair! You said it wouldn't be sad!

Just wait, let me finish.....

"...And the Toy Soldiers drove the Red Squirrels out of Miss Suzy's house 
and she went back home, cleaned and put everything back in order and lived happily ever after!

Oh Emma, that was a good story!
I knew you'd like it, Goodnight Amy.

 Will you read to us again tomorrow Emma?
Of course I will. Goodnight Layla.

 Goodnight Emma, we love you.
I love you too girls, now go to sleep and sweet dreams.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

We have a new house!!

We must start with a BIG "thank you" and 
"We love you!" to the best Dad in the world, who designed and built our new house
 He created separate room boxes so 
the house could be easily moved and reconfigured

And here it is!
Our New Home!!

Our Tour will begin from the top left to the bottom right.

 This room is Molly & Nelly's new room.
They wanted twin beds that matched.

They both love Paris so they wanted a French decor.

 Say Hello to Molly's new Holly Hobby doll.

And of course Nellie's Sarah and Betsy

 Next is Layla and Amy's room.

As you can see they have added some posters they like.

Emma & Beth gave the little girls their Lala Loopsy's
to help them adjust to their new home.

 This is Skyler & Elle's room.  There is a trundle under the bed!

This is a new doll that we gave a makeover, we have called her Abby

 This is our temporary bath.

 We are still looking for items to complete this room.

 On the far left is Jess's room.

Jess's room adds to the space in our next room...

Grace, Jose and Julie's room.
Bunks with a trundle underneath.

And of course their Strawberry Shortcake dolls.

The living room 

 Looks pretty much the same as before except for...

the passthrough to the kitchen!

And on the far right...

Martin's Room

And the whole house from...
Left to...


 All our ceiling lights came in a 4 pack ($4) from Wal-mart .
We just hot glued velcro to the ceiling and the back of each light.
Each light uses 3 AA batteries.