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Friday, June 19, 2015

Goodnight Stories

 Hi Emma where are you headed?

Hi, Nellie, Hi Jess, 
I promised Amy & Layla I would read them a story tonight

 What are you reading?
"The Velveteen Rabbit" and "Miss Suzy".
Oh, those are two of my favorites!
Me too!

"And so the Velveteen Rabbit became a real rabbit. The End"
I really liked that story Emma, but it was a little sad.
Yes, it is, but a good kind of sad, right?
I guess so.

 This next one has a very happy ending, I promise.  It is called "Miss Suzy".

Miss Suzy loved her little house in a tall tree, see here she is all tucked in her bed just like you.

And here are the mean Red Squirrels who chase her out of her nice house.
No fair! You said it wouldn't be sad!

Just wait, let me finish.....

"...And the Toy Soldiers drove the Red Squirrels out of Miss Suzy's house 
and she went back home, cleaned and put everything back in order and lived happily ever after!

Oh Emma, that was a good story!
I knew you'd like it, Goodnight Amy.

 Will you read to us again tomorrow Emma?
Of course I will. Goodnight Layla.

 Goodnight Emma, we love you.
I love you too girls, now go to sleep and sweet dreams.


Julie Ann Newman said...

Awww...I still like bedtime stories too, even though I'm 9. My mom and I have been taking turning reading chapters of "Harriet The Spy".

Sophie and Brenda said...

Bedtime stories are the best for sure. Harriet the Spy, what a great story!