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Thursday, June 26, 2014

My favorite free patterns!

All these patterns I found offered free from one place or another.  
PLEASE these patterns for personal use only. Thanks!  

The very best free patterns are from American Girl.  These are the retired patterns that are authentic AG dress patterns.  These patterns you just download and print.  I warn you though that each one has lots of pages, so look through the patterns and select the pages you want to print. 
Just a note, I have found some of these AG patterns a little too tight, so I always add a little extra fabric when I cut out.  I believe the Pleasant Co. dolls were slightly thinner.

Click the link:

OR, copy and paste this link in your browser:

Below are some dresses I made from these AG patterns
                                    Josefina's Christmas dress            Molly's slip pattern
                                     (made with short sleeves)

                                                             Felicity's Colonial Dress
                                                         (not as hard as I anticipated)

**(I suggest you copy and paste these patterns into a WORD document or publishing program like 
PAINTand make sure each pattern page is covering an 8.5x11 paper.)**

This first pattern is one I have made several times.The instructions were a little vague, but if you have some basic sewing knowledge you should be able to figure it out.  Be aware that this pattern is a little tight on AG dolls, so cut a bit extra on the back.

Here is one of the dresses I made with this pattern

I have used this tee pattern a LOT!

Here is the tee pattern made up. 
 In the first I added lace ruffle to the bottom.  super easy
                                                                            This tee I hand painted to match a tee of my daughters

This next pattern is one I modified from pajamas.  
Sorry the print is so bad, I scanned my cut out pattern to share.
This is the pattern I used to make my Punjabi dresses.

                                    **Remember print all these patterns on 8.5x11 paper** 

Here is the pattern made up.  I added a length of sheer/filmy fabric for the scarf.

I haven't made either of these next 2 patterns
Just a note, the swimsuit seemed small when I printed it out on 8.5x11 paper, 
but maybe this is allowing for stretchy fabric?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Boy Doll Project

 This is our new doll from ebay. One of our readers told me
 this is an American Girl of Today #13.
She had a haircut already and some other damage.
I felt this made her a great candidate for this boy doll project.
I couldn't bring myself to cut off a doll's perfect beautiful hair, don't ask me why.

Here she is right out of the box.

The doll had lots of marker and nail polish. 
Luckily none on the face.

And the teeth needed some touch-up.

Non-acetone nail polish remover took all the ink & polish off!
I would not have done this with ink on the face.
It is too easy to accidentally wipe off facial features!

 This was the hardest part!  The haircut.
It took THREE HOURS very carefully cutting a bit at a time.
After I felt I was done I used water and hairspray to set his style.

 Using an artist smudging tool I gave him some more masculine eyebrows.
I did the same to cover a nick off one tooth.
I used acrylic artist paint.  The good thing about acrylic paint
is it gives you a few moments to wipe off  mistakes with water before it dries.



Welcome home Martin!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Star Trek Uniform

Baby onesie into Trek Uniform for AG.

I picked up this onesie at "The Star Trek Experience" 
In Las Vegas nearly 10 years ago.
I found it in a box of baby things and thought, 
'hey,I bet I can make a doll dress out of this!'

Sophie wearing the original.


I tried to show with another onesie how I made the above fit.
I didn't actually cut this onesie apart, so I hope this makes sense.
Also check my baby sweater to AG sweater, it is the same basic process.

Turn onesie inside out.
Pin to fit doll's body on both sides.
Stitch up to armpit on both sides.
Don't make it too tight!!
Cut away excess fabric all from top to bottom.
Be sure to keep sleeves!!!

 Now pin sleeves to shoulder and sew right side facing right side.
Trim off excess fabric.
(See my baby sweater tutorial for sleeve pictures)

 Turn bottom under to make a hem.
Cut off excess and hem all around.

I hope this helps.

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Two new dolls continued....

And here we are looking at the moon.
I just MUST find him Molly!

Ann, you must stop fretting about him.
I'm sure our Mom is looking for him too.

 Ann! Molly I think he's here!

 I saw Mom bring a doll to the sewing room!
All I saw was a head of red yarn!

That's got to be him!

 C'mon Ann, I'll show you!
I'll help you down, OOPS, sorry.

 Here, climb up on the chair...
Almost there...


Yes, I'm Andy.
Andy, I'm your sister Ann!!

ANN!!  ANDY!! 
Andy, how did you get here?
I don't remember much, just being in a box and then Mom carrying me up here.
She made me these new clothes!
You look quite handsome, Andy.

 I am so glad to be here.
I'm glad you're here too Andy. Thank you girls SO much.

 Well goodnight Raggedy's, Belle.
Good night, thank you.

Next morning....

MOM: Now, how did he get here from the sewing room?
The kids must have moved him.


I did find Ann and Belle in a thrift store in Las Vegas.  After we got home I felt she needed an Andy, so I hunted ebay for a couple weeks until I found this Andy. 

 I was hunting for an Andy that had similar facial features and hair.
His outfit did not match Ann's so I made him a new suit and a hat.
The rest you already know!