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Monday, June 16, 2014

Star Trek Uniform

Baby onesie into Trek Uniform for AG.

I picked up this onesie at "The Star Trek Experience" 
In Las Vegas nearly 10 years ago.
I found it in a box of baby things and thought, 
'hey,I bet I can make a doll dress out of this!'

Sophie wearing the original.


I tried to show with another onesie how I made the above fit.
I didn't actually cut this onesie apart, so I hope this makes sense.
Also check my baby sweater to AG sweater, it is the same basic process.

Turn onesie inside out.
Pin to fit doll's body on both sides.
Stitch up to armpit on both sides.
Don't make it too tight!!
Cut away excess fabric all from top to bottom.
Be sure to keep sleeves!!!

 Now pin sleeves to shoulder and sew right side facing right side.
Trim off excess fabric.
(See my baby sweater tutorial for sleeve pictures)

 Turn bottom under to make a hem.
Cut off excess and hem all around.

I hope this helps.

Happy Sewing!

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