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Meet Our Dolls
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Monday, June 09, 2014

Two new dolls arrive!

Step, step step...
Beth, peek out and see who is coming up.

It's Mom.  She has someone new in her hand!
Two someones!

 What do you mean? someone new?
Two new dolls!

Let's go see who they are!

 Hello up there?  Who are you?

We are here! Come up!
Oh, look how lovely you are!
Oh, thank you.

I am Emma and this is Beth, who are you?
I am called Raggedy Ann and this is Belle.

Where did you come from? 
We were at a thrift store together, Belle and I.

This lady picked me up and I knew right away she would take me with her, 
she had a little girl with her too!
She did, and a few seconds later she saw Belle and picked her!
I was SO happy.
I couldn't remember how I got there, but I was glad to leave.
I saw a book over there that had my picture on it,
I wonder if it will tell me where
I came from before?
Mph, here let me help you.
Thank you!

Ooo, careful! ooph!
I'm OK, I am full of fluff.

"Marcella", hm, that's me, but who is that boy doll!

Marcella was a girl who lived a long time ago!

Look!  That's me stirring the pie! There's that other boy doll again!

And there he is again! Oh dear I think I am forgetting something...

Don't worry Raggedy Ann, we'll help you figure it out.
Let's get Molly! She was in a thrift store too!

Oh Thank you!

Later that night...

Raggedy Ann, we brought Molly!

Hello Ann, I am Molly.  
I understand you came from a thrift store too?
Oh, yes, please come up so we can talk., there we were in a thrift store and 
we can't remember how we got there.
I thought about it a lot and
I think we dolls forget our past, so we can't be sad.

I was in a thrift store too, I was set out with the dishes.
I was covered with dust and dirt.
Then our Mom saw me and grabbed me!
I knew I was safe, and so are you.

When I came here Mom washed my face and hands and washed my hair.
She washed my velvet dress and I got a girl to love again; Sophie.
I don't remember how I got in that store, but I am pretty sure
I had a girl before who loved me too, but I am here with Sophie and Mom now
and they love us all.

But, Molly, there is this boy doll in the book, I think he's my brother.
I feel like somehow I must find him!

Ann, don't give up hope, we will see what we can find out, OK?

to be continued...

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