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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How Beth & Elle found out they were sisters!

Hello, I'm Jose, what's your name?
Hi, I'm Elle.
Wow you look really familiar...hhmm.

Looks like our bunkies are here already, I hope they are nice.

Oh, they are really nice, they are my sisters, Beth and Emma!
We are ALL adopted.

C'mon, let's go look around.

Emma & Beth enter cabin...

I was sure I put it away in here!
Let's keep looking.

 It's not over here...

 Emma!  Can you please help me!?!
Hey, I just wanted to try out my bunk.

Hmph! I'll go look in the craft room!
Beth leaves...
Elle enters.

That was fast! Hey, wait a minute, how did you change your clothes so fast?  And braid your hair?
Excuse me? Have we met?
Oh my!!You're not Beth!
 Jose! Beth! Come back in here!!

Wow, you two look exactly alike!!
Really? do you think so?

Do we really!?!?
That is SO weird!
We'll talk more later, it's time for arts & crafts.

Jose, what are you making?  A blanket??
No, it's a scarf, why?

I love making jewelry.
Hey, me too!!

When is your birthday?
February 8th.
Me too!
Where were you born?
Athens, Texas.

We have to write to our Moms.  
You have a Mom?
Yeah, sure.
I have been in a foster home waiting to be adopted.
Hey I'm adopted! I'll tell Mom all about you and see if she can help!

Dear Mom,
I met a girl here at camp who looks just like me and we have the same birthday and everything.  Do you know if I had a sister before you adopted me?  She lives in a very loving foster home in Texas. Her foster parents, Mom & Pa Waiters, wanted to adopt her, but they are getting older and felt she should be with a young family. They have fostered LOTS of kids over the years on their farm.  She never knew anything about where she came from.  She said she was put in foster care as a baby, and I was adopted, could she be my lost sister?

Elle with Pa and Ma Waiters

Dear Beth,
I am SO excited to hear you may have found your sister!  I contacted Mr & Mrs Waiter's in Texas and it looks like she may be your long lost sister!  You were both born in a small hospital, and put up for adoption, but there was a fire and in the confusion of the evacuation you and your sister were separated and put in different homes.  We are going to adopt Elle and she will join our family!  The Waiter's would like to consider you both as their grandchildren and want you to come visit their farm every summer.

I love you both so much!  Tell Elle I am looking forward to meeting her!

Love, MOM

This is the BEST CAMP EVER!!!

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