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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Boy Doll Project

 This is our new doll from ebay. One of our readers told me
 this is an American Girl of Today #13.
She had a haircut already and some other damage.
I felt this made her a great candidate for this boy doll project.
I couldn't bring myself to cut off a doll's perfect beautiful hair, don't ask me why.

Here she is right out of the box.

The doll had lots of marker and nail polish. 
Luckily none on the face.

And the teeth needed some touch-up.

Non-acetone nail polish remover took all the ink & polish off!
I would not have done this with ink on the face.
It is too easy to accidentally wipe off facial features!

 This was the hardest part!  The haircut.
It took THREE HOURS very carefully cutting a bit at a time.
After I felt I was done I used water and hairspray to set his style.

 Using an artist smudging tool I gave him some more masculine eyebrows.
I did the same to cover a nick off one tooth.
I used acrylic artist paint.  The good thing about acrylic paint
is it gives you a few moments to wipe off  mistakes with water before it dries.



Welcome home Martin!!


AG Owl 39 said...

Actually I think he's an Pleasant Company AGOT (American Girl of Today, really old look-alike line) #13

Sophie and Brenda said...

Oh, thank you! I wondered about that myself. Thanks for sharing!

Raevn Byrd said...

I don't think he's an old AGOT because I see a gusset on the torso at the back of the neck, and I think I see a cut-off body tag also. The old AGOTs didn't have either. :-) Either way, he's adorable!

Sophie and Brenda said...

Thank you RaevnByrd, we are happy with Martin. He has been a gig hit with my 7 year old son!

Flo said...

I think he turned out great, you did a wonderful job. One of these days I might give this a try if I can find one cheap enough. I think the hair would be the scariest part.

Sophie and Brenda said...

Cutting his hair was definitely the scariest part! For our needs he turned out great!

Julie Ann Newman said...

Wow, Martin's pretty cool! My friends Danny and Jason would really like him!

*From Julie's doll mom:*

Awesome job! Boy dolls are so much fun, aren't they?

Sophie and Brenda said...

Martin is pretty cool. He is definitely a favorite with all his sisters. He and Emma are besties. I am sure Martin would LOVE to have Danny & Jason for friends. :)

Marge R (mer) said...

Martin is a very handsome young man; you did a great job. IF the base of his head has a "Pleasant Company" copyright, then he's a pre-Mattel doll. The newer Mattel dolls have an "American Girl" copyright at the base of their heads. Hope that helps you 'date' him somewhat.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thanks Marge! We think so too, he is a real young gentleman too, very caring and helpful to his sisters. ; )

His neck stamp says Pleasant Company and below that a 71 C3. He has the longer neck of the newer dolls though. Our Molly is a Pleasant Co. doll and I noticed that her neck is shorter than the newer dolls and her cheeks a little plumper.