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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Impromptu Slumber Party

Slumber Party
by: Sophie Savage

Hello everyone, Sophie here.  We are having a slumber party 
tonight and reading a really funny book.
So, here we go!

First thing is EVERYONE needs to put on
 their pajamas and brush their hair.
I'm next!

All right, is everyone ready?
We're ready!
No, I'm squished!

 Sorry Nellie, but we all have to squeeze in.
But why do I have to be in the middle! 

 Now Nellie, we all have to work together, or no one will have any fun.
 OK, I'll try.

 Wait I want a hug!  
OK Grace a hug for you then it's time to read.

We are reading, "Ramona and Beezus" by Beverly Cleary tonight.
Yeah!  I love that one,
My favorite!
They are SO funny!
OK, OK quiet down girls...

(twenty minutes later)
Goodnight everyone.