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Meet Our Dolls
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Maryellen Larkin is here!

First let me just say that I LOVE the 1950s.  Such a classic time.
Ladies never left the house without a hat and gloves.
The fashions were truly lovely and feminine.
I wish we could return to this simpler time!

 Maryellen's Beforever meet outfit.

 I love the initial detail...

And the gloves with pearl bracelet - so cute!

This is her Birthday Dress

School Dress


 She has a diner playset.  The stickers can be moved around.
There is a kitchen area on the backside as well as the dining area.
You can also see two other outfits, her play outfit and poodle skirt outfit.

Very nice details. 

She has a sleeper sofa, side table and console TV.

Her dachshund scooter

Gotta love those old black & white shows!

Welcome Maryellen!

(I may have to retract my vow to buy no more AG dolls)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Doll Mystery Update

As you all know, awhile back I was trying to figure out what kind of doll my grandmother
had given me as a girl. I finally found that the doll was an 
Effanbee Petite Filles Gabrielle Doll
I was back and forth over whether to actually buy 
one of these dolls or just be happy with the memories?

Well, searching eBay one day I saw this ad.

She was a great deal so I bought her!

As expected she was musty smelling.  Her hair was matted from being netted up for so many years (44 years!)  She had some mysterious white spots on her face.
Her eyeballs were dirty and half her lash details had been wiped away.

I gave her my usual baking soda wash and wig shampoo treatment.
Combed her out and rolled her up.

Her clothes I hand washed in cold water to freshen them up.
I repainted her lash details and improved the white spots although they are still visible.

 Here she is dressed up in her original outfit.

Here she is in her newest outfit.

I used this pattern shrunk down a bit to fit her smaller 16" frame.

It was our Molly that started me thinking about my childhood doll.
Here is a side by side comparison.

I know she isn't MY Gabrielle from long ago,
but here she is!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

One Of A Kind AG dolls

I was on ebay looking for doll accessories when I came across these fascinating OOAK dolls. I say fascinating because there is something appealing about them and yet they are definitely unusual!

I am interested what you other doll collectors think?

OOAK artist #1   Here is the link for this store.

 I like that all the dolls have SUPER long hair.


 This would be fun for a little girl who loves faeries.

At first I was a little put off by this doll, but if you wanted a mermaid
doll she would be lovely.

Here is one more that I found
OOAK artist #2

I think I would have to imagine these dolls in fairytale settings, then they are perfect!

Sophie just popped in her opinion and she loves these dolls, especially the pale blue-eyed doll!
(she is just turned 11)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Camping at Marion Mtn.

 Hi girls, anyone want to go camping!

 So soon Martin? We just got back from Utah and Mt. Whitney!
 No thanks Martin, you know I'm not a camper.

I'll go.

What?!? Elle, you've never wanted to go camping before!
I know, I want to try it.
OK great!

 What's up?
Oh Hi Emma, I have a campsite at Marion Mtn. wanna go?

 Sure, I'll go.

 Hi Martin, go where?

 Camping, Wanna come along?
Amy, Layla and I were just planning a slumber party though!

Do you mind if I stay here Martin?

Not at all. I'm glad you feel happy here.
I do!

Here we are!

Look at that view!!

Camp is all set

Good morning, I slept great! 
Can you believe this campsite!  It is awesome.

Let's go hike!

Here's the map, the trailhead is just down the road a little way.
Let's go.

Here we are.  How far do you want to go?

Um, not too far, I've never done this before.
OK, you just tell us when you want to turn back, OK?

How are you doin' Elle?

I love it! I can't believe I never wanted to camp before!

How do you girls feel about some rock climbing?

Here's a good place to start.

I'm not too sure about this..

Don't worry I'll go first and help you along.

 I'll stay right behind you.

You're doing great Elle, just a little farther.

I made it!
Here Emma take my hand.
Thanks Martin.


That was great! Are there some more places to climb?
Hehe, we'll look for some more.

 Hey I found something to climb.

 C'mon up Emma use this tree trunk for balance.

It's so nice out here.
Yeah, it really is.

Let's head back.

...And remember the part that I thought I was slipping?  It was all so amazing,.. Emma?
Mmm, mmph.
I just don't think I'll be able to sleep after this day!