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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Latest Thrift Store find

 My last thrifting trip I only found 1 item, this drop leaf table.

 Both sides open to make an oval table.

 I believe it is walnut.  There is some beautiful grain patterns.

 Dovetail joinery. Nice.

 The finish needed work so I sanded it all over.
It was also a bit too tall, so I shortened the legs.

  You can see here that a rotary sander was used and left swirl marks.

After sanding, I used a wood oil.
 Lemon oil is on the left.  Right side is natural.

 Here is our current kitchen table.  

 It always has a table cloth because I made it and it was pretty rough!

 Here is the new table!
I like it!

All ready for some tea.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Latest from American Girl

WellieWishers dolls. 
Looks like they are designed with younger girls in mind.

They appear to have fixed eyes.

Not sure how tall they are?  Maybe 16"?

What do you think?!?

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Meeting Penny

 Almost ready Naija?
Yes, I am just putting on my shoes.

 You'll need to borrow my boots!
Really?  Why?

 Believe me, just put them on.

All ready girls? Martin is getting Penny all saddled. 

Yes, how do I look?
Great! I'm glad you have boots on.  
You can trade with Zelia when it's her turn.

Let's just put your hair up.
Molly what if I'm too scared?  Do I have to ride?
No, of course not Zelia, but I think you'll like Penny.

Come say hello to Penny.
She is SO tall!
She is very gentle though.  You can pet her.

Come on Zelia, say hello, she won't move I promise.
O..K..oh, she is so soft.

All right Naija you first. 
You always mount a horse on the left.

Let me adjust your stirrup.

There you go, all set.
Martin will walk with you.

Your doing good Naija, heels down head up.
Ready to go?

Look at me!!

All right Naija!
Good job!

Ok, is it Zelia's turn?

Your doing great Zelia.
She won't run or jump will she?
No, not if you don't want her to.
Molly will walk with you if you like.
Yes, please.

C'mon Penny, let's walk.

Doing great Zelia!
All right Zelia!!
You're doing great, I'm going to let you and Penny go.


Oh Penny, you are so gentle!

Do I have to get off?
I think that's enough for your first day.

Did you see me?!?
We did!
You were awesome!!

Thank you Penny. I love you.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Welcome Zelia

Hi girls how's the new room?
Great Martin, thanks!!

 Hey Nellie and Molly are bringing Zelia home now, 
but Nellie wanted her nightie and doll to be waiting for her.
Cloth doll makeovers

 Thank you Emma, we will be sure she gets them.

OK, well, we will let you get ready for Zelia.
We will Emma, thanks. It's very exciting getting a new sister!

30 minutes later....

Girls, this is Zelia. Zelia is from Brazil, 
but she was living with a foster family in Kentucky.
I'll be downstairs if you need anything Zelia.

Hi Zelia, I'm Layla, this is Amy and Naija.
Hi Zelia!
Welcome to your new room!

This is your bunk, but if you want the bottom I will switch with you.
Oh no, I like the top bunk. What is this doll and gown?

The doll is for you Zelia and Nellie sews our nighties for us!
This one is yours, she just finished it today!
(Zelia tears up)
Oh Zelia, do not be sad.  I am new too, but all our sisters and our brother are so kind!
Thank you..sniff. 

Hey, let's play dolls!! 
OK, I guess...
 ( Ha ha hee, giggle giggle
chit chat, doll talk)
 Hey, let's get our nighties on!
Molly said she would read to us tonight as soon as we get ready for bed!

Wow Amy you are loud!

 Boy Amy, I heard you all the way downstairs.
OK, let's get started, this is 'Teddy Bear Sleeping Beauty'.

 ...and then the three good fairies all gave the baby Princess a gift...
 Then the bad fairy said she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel...

...and the Prince slew the dragon and kissed Sleeping Beauty awake..."

The End.
All right girls into bed!

 Goodnight Amy,
Goodnight Layla.

 Goodnight Zelia,
goodnight Naija.

 (softly) Hi Zelia, we just wanted to say goodnight.
And remember, I am right next door if you need anything.

Thank you Emma, goodnight Nellie
Goodnight Molly, thank you for reading to us.

Good night Zelia and Sweet Dreams.

Some more shots of Zelia.

 Some more cute tennies from
Debs Adorables

Zelia's new nightie.
Made from vintage flannel I found.

 Zelia in her butterfly tank.

 Her Brazil soccer jacket.

 Her blue and pink tennies

 She has butterfly earrings.

 And lovely caramel highlights throughout her hair.

Welcome Zelia