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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Meeting Penny

 Almost ready Naija?
Yes, I am just putting on my shoes.

 You'll need to borrow my boots!
Really?  Why?

 Believe me, just put them on.

All ready girls? Martin is getting Penny all saddled. 

Yes, how do I look?
Great! I'm glad you have boots on.  
You can trade with Zelia when it's her turn.

Let's just put your hair up.
Molly what if I'm too scared?  Do I have to ride?
No, of course not Zelia, but I think you'll like Penny.

Come say hello to Penny.
She is SO tall!
She is very gentle though.  You can pet her.

Come on Zelia, say hello, she won't move I promise.
O..K..oh, she is so soft.

All right Naija you first. 
You always mount a horse on the left.

Let me adjust your stirrup.

There you go, all set.
Martin will walk with you.

Your doing good Naija, heels down head up.
Ready to go?

Look at me!!

All right Naija!
Good job!

Ok, is it Zelia's turn?

Your doing great Zelia.
She won't run or jump will she?
No, not if you don't want her to.
Molly will walk with you if you like.
Yes, please.

C'mon Penny, let's walk.

Doing great Zelia!
All right Zelia!!
You're doing great, I'm going to let you and Penny go.


Oh Penny, you are so gentle!

Do I have to get off?
I think that's enough for your first day.

Did you see me?!?
We did!
You were awesome!!

Thank you Penny. I love you.


Flo said...

The girls looked like naturals on a horse, I bet they had fun!

Brenda and Sophie said...

They did have a great time in the end and want to go riding again soon. They were both very nervous at first especially Zelia. But Penny is so gentle it was easy for the girls to relax and have fun. Martin and Molly were also very helpful and encouraging.