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Sunday, April 28, 2013

A home away from home

Make-do doll furniture away from home.

Sophie and her 2 dolls wanted a place to play, so 
we looked around Aunt Sally's house for things that
we could use to make doll furniture.

 We had the 2 sleeping bags and pillows.  We rolled up her brothers 
quilt for a couch and added the pillows as cushions.  

Two kleenex boxes covered in doll scarves made 2 tables.  

Sophie  wanted some chairs, so I grabbed 2 
toilet paper rolls and used the doll dresses as covers.

We used a metal coaster for a tray

 And here is our make-do doll house!

Sleep well!

Wolfy the wild fox.

Story and Photoraphy
By Sophie age 8
(mom helped)

While in Virginia, at Aunt Sally's house, 
Grace and Josefina saw a little fox.

He acted like he wanted to be friends. 

 When the girls went back inside the house the little fox sneaked inside too.

When Josefina and Grace laid down for a nap 
the little fox followed them and snuggled up too.

They didn't know it but a big snake was right over their heads!

Grace and Josefina woke up to a terrible sound,
the fox was attacking the snake!

 "You saved us little fox, let's name you Wolfy."

 Wolfy and the girls played.....

and tossed a stick.

 Wolfy went exploring and met a....

"Don't hurt him, he's our pet Stripes!" Cried Josefina.

But Stripes chased off Wolfy no problem.

Josefina, Grace and Wolfy became best friends.

The End

Wolfy and the Cake

By Sophie & mom
 Josefina!  Look at the cake I made for you!

 Grace!  It looks delicious! Let's have it for dessert later.

Let's put it on the table while we take our nap.

 snif, snif


Oh no!  Where's my cake!!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Grace's hand injury!

By Sophie age 8

How Grace hurt her hand real bad

  Grace and I were swinging one day.

She suddenly fell off!

"OW!  My hand hurts badly!!"

Oh no! Grace let's get you a bandage!

 Well, here I am with my bandage.

 "I'm sorry you fell Grace" 

"Well i just heard back from the hospital, they can operate 
on your arm but you would be gone a long time." 
''Them Im staying with you and everyone else because your all my friends."

"We love you Grace!"

Grace's hand injury - Mom's version

By: Brenda (mom)

Sophie's very first American Girl Grace, had her hand chewed by a pet!

While we were at the American Girl store I spoke
 to them about sending Grace to the doll hospital.  

 I thought we could fix this nick on her cheek...
And this abrasion on her other arm.

The American Girl employee pointed out that to fix 
these problems meant Grace would be getting a 
new head and new body - basically a whole NEW doll.  
She would not be OUR Grace anymore.

I explained to Sophie that we could fix all Grace's nicks
and breaks, but her Grace would be gone.  
Aunt Sally reminded us that many REAL girls have injuries 
that can't be fixed and they learn to live with them and so could Grace.

Sophie decided that she definitely would keep 
Grace as she was without going to the Doll Hospital.
So, now Grace has a bandage and is learning to
live with her lost finger.

Sophie & Grace

American Girl Store Washington DC!

 By: Sophie age 8
(edited by Mom)

 While visiting with our Aunt Sally we went to the American Girl store near her house.

 I want Saige for my birthday.  This is her air balloon.
that is my brother Kurty.

 My little brother wanted his picture too.

 Kurt likes his picture taken.

 Here is a picture of Caroline's boat

I really like Kaya's Pow Wow dress. 

this is Kaya's dog Tatlo. 

 Here I am with Josefina and my brother Kurty.

 Here is another picture of Saige with her paint set.

At the store my Mom let me get Kit's dog Grace!

Here I am inside the Mall at Tyson's Corner where the store is at.

Aunt Sally got me Kaya's dress!!  Here is Josefina modeling it.

After we got back home a package arrived for me, it was Saige's dog Rembrandt!!
 Thank You Aunt Sally!