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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Grace's hand injury - Mom's version

By: Brenda (mom)

Sophie's very first American Girl Grace, had her hand chewed by a pet!

While we were at the American Girl store I spoke
 to them about sending Grace to the doll hospital.  

 I thought we could fix this nick on her cheek...
And this abrasion on her other arm.

The American Girl employee pointed out that to fix 
these problems meant Grace would be getting a 
new head and new body - basically a whole NEW doll.  
She would not be OUR Grace anymore.

I explained to Sophie that we could fix all Grace's nicks
and breaks, but her Grace would be gone.  
Aunt Sally reminded us that many REAL girls have injuries 
that can't be fixed and they learn to live with them and so could Grace.

Sophie decided that she definitely would keep 
Grace as she was without going to the Doll Hospital.
So, now Grace has a bandage and is learning to
live with her lost finger.

Sophie & Grace

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