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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Welcome to Virginia

Aunt Sally: "Welcome to Virginia girls, please come in."

Oh, what a lovely house!

 Thank you Aunt Sally for inviting us.
Aunt Sally: "You are very welcome.  I hope you enjoy your visit."

What a pretty painting, I love boats!
Aunt Sally: "Beautiful artwork is always a joy."

 Oh, a cowboy statue!
Aunt Sally: "That is a sculpture by Frederic Remington"

 So many things to see!
Show us some more Aunt Sally!

Aunt Sally: "Every well-rounded girl must 
learn about and appreciate art."

 A Noah's Ark collection! How cute!

What beautiful colors!
Aunt Sally: " This is the entry to Jerusalem"

Aunt Sally: "Now girls I want you to practice 
your piano everyday while you are here!"

Thank you Aunt Sally!


Aunt Sally: "This will be your room."
Oh look a little bird is on our bed!

What a pretty view, sigh.
Aunt Sally: "Why don't you go outside to explore?"
OK! Let's go Josefina!

Come on Josefina, let's explore!

Just look at all the little blue flowers! 

They are like a little flowered carpet!

These flowers look like they have little faces.

They remind me of "Alice in Wonderland"!

 Oh a bird bath!

What a  pretty house! 

I know we are going to have so much fun here!

~violin music~

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