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Monday, April 15, 2013

Mt Vernon, George Washington's home

Josefina and Grace in front of a bronze sculpture
of George and Martha Washington and
two children who are their grandchildren.

  This map shows the position of the buildings and gardens.

This is the Greenhouse.

Grace & Josefina in the garden.

Josefina and Grace meandering through the flower beds.

The blacksmith shop.  

Walkway to the main house.

Oh my, isn't it lovely!

The house tour begins in the formal dining room.

Next we saw the entry hall.

The dining room for everyday use.

This is one of the downstairs bedrooms.

President Washington's bedroom.

Walking along the gallery walk towards the kitchen.

The kitchen was several yards away from the main house.

 A carriage such as the Washington's would have used.

 Mt. Vernon is a working farm including sheep and cattle.

A very emotional moment at President Washington's tomb.

  The rear veranda.

 President Washington's favorite view of the Potomac
as seen from the veranda.

And last but not least, Martha Washington's beautiful colonial dress.

 Martha and George Washington

Thank you for a lovely day!


TexasBiddy said...

Isn't Mount Vernon beautiful. I love it because of all the plants, buildings, & views.

Sophie and Brenda said...

Yes, it was my favorite stop on our visit to Virginia. I love the history and the colonial era is one of my favorites!