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Thursday, April 18, 2013

American Girl Store Washington DC!

 By: Sophie age 8
(edited by Mom)

 While visiting with our Aunt Sally we went to the American Girl store near her house.

 I want Saige for my birthday.  This is her air balloon.
that is my brother Kurty.

 My little brother wanted his picture too.

 Kurt likes his picture taken.

 Here is a picture of Caroline's boat

I really like Kaya's Pow Wow dress. 

this is Kaya's dog Tatlo. 

 Here I am with Josefina and my brother Kurty.

 Here is another picture of Saige with her paint set.

At the store my Mom let me get Kit's dog Grace!

Here I am inside the Mall at Tyson's Corner where the store is at.

Aunt Sally got me Kaya's dress!!  Here is Josefina modeling it.

After we got back home a package arrived for me, it was Saige's dog Rembrandt!!
 Thank You Aunt Sally!

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