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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Easy Doll School House

Our schoolhouse is made from a tri-fold display board 
from an office supply place, about $5.

I painted the bottom 1/3 (approx.) with craft paint.
I printed images from the web for maps and artwork, 
but you can always draw your own!

The whiteboard is the back of a package box. I folded one edge
to the front and made a pen rail. Since this box was heavier I used hotglue to attach it.

The border is bric-a-brac ribbon.
Sophie thought it looked like school border.
We attached this ribbon with Elmer's glue to cover the edge of our paint.

All the posters and our flag are cut out from 
printer paper and attached with gluestick, it doesn't make 
the paper wavy or bumpy.

We used some of our "American Girl" and "Our Generation" things, 
but made some pencils, rulers and worksheets ourselves.

 We borrowed some furniture from our doll's kitchen for
the desk and bookcase, but a shoe box turned on it's side would work just as well.
(Look back at the dollhouse pictures and see if you can find what we used.)
The aquarium is just a tourist giftshop item.
These are our collection of AG books and some of Molly's school supplies.

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