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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Book 2 Chapter 2 - Kirsten's surprise

It was December 13th, not long after we moved into our new home.

I remember that morning because Mama, Papa and I were
celebrating St. Lucia Day, when we heard a knock at our door.

Josefina!  Come in and have a sweet roll.
Oh how beautiful you look Kirsten! 
Thank you. Sit down Josefina, Mama just made tea. 

Thank you.  Did your Mama tell you why I am here?
No why are you here? 

Consuela and your Mama decided you can stay with me 
while your parents go to Santa Barbara. 

Truly!? Let us go now!
Kirsten dear, you must get dressed first and pack some things.

Mama helped me dress and pack my things in a bundle.
I would stay with Josefina for 10 days while Mama and Papa were on their trip to Santa Barbara.
Josefina wanted to go by the Santa Inez Mission so I could meet her uncle Joseph. As we walked, Josefina told me about her father and Uncle.

Josefina's Uncle Joseph was parish priest at the Mission.  He and Josefina's father were brothers. Domingo and Joseph Fernandez. When the younger became a priest and left for the California Missions, his older brother left Spain and followed his younger brother looking for adventure.  He took his young wife and baby daughter, Josefina. 

Uncle Joseph! Uncle Joseph! This is Kirsten who I told you about.
Must you shout Josefina? (smiles kindly)
Sorry Uncle.

Very pleased to finally meet you Kirsten.  I will say a prayer for your parents safe travel. 
Here Josefina, give these to your mother.
Yes, Padre.
And say a prayer while you are there.
Yes, Padre.
And go quietly please?  
Josefina's Uncle smiled at us and sent us on our way.

Josefina led me first into the sanctuary. 
(whispers) Here Kirsten put this on your head.
(whispers) Josefina, why did you call your uncle Padre?
Well, because he is my uncle and my Priest, you see?
Oh, I see.
This way to see Madre.

Oh Josefina, I am sorry. 
It is all right Kirsten.  I was a very small child when she died.
Come, let's go home.

Hola Padre!!  Hola Senor Dominguez. Padre Here is Kirsten!
Hello Kirsten, mi casa es su casa.
(That means you are very welcome, whispered Josefina)
Thank you Sir.
Take Kirsten to Consuela Josefina.
Si Padre.

This way Kirsten. Senor Dominguez is Papa's foreman.
Consuela is his wife, she takes care of me and the house.
Josefina!  Your home is so beautiful!
Thank you Kirsten.

Hola Ninas,
Hola Consuela, here is Kirsten.
Hola Kirsten, go take Kirsten's things to your 
room Josefina and come back for sweet tamales.

Josefina, your room is so pretty!
Thank you.

That is my Madre.  I think she is beautiful.
Oh, Josefina, she is very beautiful.

Consuela, this sweet tamale is delicious.
Gracias Kirsten.

 This is my doll Rosa.
Hello Rosa, This is Else. Else fell out of a train once!
Tell us what happened Kirsten!
Mama, Papa and I were getting on the train and...

click here
Else's adventure 

 Can you really play that guitar Josefina?
Yes, listen.
(Josefina sings)

 I love your shells Josefina.

Here you take one.  Papa brings them from the Ocean for me.
Maybe Papa will take us to the ocean some time?
Thank you, I would love that Josefina!

Josefina and I had a lot of fun that week.
Soon Mama and Papa returned from Santa Barbara and we went home.
I was happy to see them, I had missed them.

Even though Josefina and I had fun together, I was looking forward to some of Mama's ebelskivers.
 When I looked back into the wagon there were many mysterious boxes and bundles.
When I asked what they were, Mama just smiled and gave me a squeeze.

I missed you Kirsten.
I missed you too Mama.


Flo said...

How fun for Kirsten, learning about Josefina's family and home must have been very interesting!

Brenda and Sophie said...

Yes, I think it is always interesting to learn more about other people, especially from other cultures.