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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Molly is in the kitchen preparing treats to take to
the family Thanksgiving.

Everyone loves to peek in on Molly when she starts baking.

Molly has some new bowls from Walmart - too cute!

Soon the kitchen is getting crowded.

Everyone is getting dressed for this special day.

Elle and Beth are pretty in pink.


From the Savage Dolls


Julie Ann Newman said...

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Julie Newman's 70s Time Capsule!

Linda Reynolds said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Looks like your dolls are having a great time! Love your kitchen and other rooms! Where in Wal-Mart did you find those cute bowls?

Brenda Savage said...

Happy Thanksgiving Julie (and Shari)

Brenda Savage said...

Those cute bowls are in the kitchen area. They are ingredient bowls from the Prairie woman collection (I think that's what it is called)

Linda Reynolds said...

Thank you!

Melody Silverleaf said...

happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Tea Time with Melody Q!

Brenda Savage said...

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

The girls look so pretty in their Thanksgiving finery. Hope they didn't drip any gravy on those dresses. :)

Flo said...

Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Brenda, I left a message but once again may not have signed it. It was about gravy.

Brenda Savage said...

Haha Fawn! I think only Julie managed to get gravy on her dress.

Brenda Savage said...

Happy Thanksgiving Flo to you and all the girls.