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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Molly gets a downy dunk

This is Molly that we found at salvation army.  
She looked like she had sat on a shelf for many years!
 Molly's hair  had been braided and twisted into 
buns on either side of her head 
(I would guess around the year Star Wars first came out!)
She was dirty and covered in dust

This is after her initial clean up and brush out.
You can see her hair is VERY dry and frizzy.

Here is Molly after trying some leave-in conditioners.
I also tried a downy/water spray but it really didn't do much.
Her hair looks better, but still frizzy and dry on the ends.
SO, I went online and did some research and found this website.

I followed the downy dunk instructions on  beanbunny's
website almost to the letter, this is where I did something a little different:.
She laid the dolls hair in a sink and kept pouring
 the downy over the hair to keep it saturated.  
I put Molly's hair in a ziploc bag and poured the downy in it.  
That way her hair stayed covered in Downy the whole time.

Sorry I forgot to get pictures of the actual downy dunk in progress!
But, here is the set up that I used. 
At this point I filled the bag with undiluted downy
 until it covered the worst parts of her hair.
I didn't leave Molly for a full 24 hours, (I couldn't wait!)  but 
she did stay in the downy for about 16 hours.
I used the unscented Downy just as the website 
recommended and flat ironed her DRY hair after.
I bought a pretty cheap ceramic flat iron that 
had temperature settings so it wasn't too hot.


Her hair is smooth and sleek.

And here she has her braids.

Before and after
Molly looks great!
I am very happy with the results of this downy dunk method.


Flower Murray said...

Wow!!! This looks like my Molly's hair!!! I'm totally going to try this!! Also, did you use the straightener??

Sophie and Brenda said...

I did use the straightener. I did it while her hair was slightly damp so I would get a little steam effect. I was vey happy with the results.

Flower Murray said...

Thanks soo much! I started the downy dunk today and will be doing the straightener tomorrow!! Ill be sure to mention your blog in my blog post about it! Thanks for all your help!

Sophie and Brenda said...

Update: Sophie told me she liked Molly's wavy hair better!!

ah well!