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Friday, August 15, 2014

Hiking Mt. Whitney

Here is where we are going, the highest peak in the lower 48 states.

a snack just to help us along the way.

 We're here! This is just the beginning though.

Here we are at the campsite - finally!

First thing to do is set up camp - then practice archery!

 Ahh, campfire.

 What's for dinner?

 Here you go, mac n cheese.

So relaxing, YAWN...

Good night.

Next Morning
 Giant pancakes for breakfast! YAY!

Um, how do we eat this?

Here we go, ready to hike Whitney.

 Onion Valley

Mr. Froggy McFluffster

 Daddy carried us all the way in his backpack.
Our Dad is awesome!

Oh, Julie, look at this view!

Can't you see I'm trying to climb here?

 It's SO cold!

 AH! I'm wet!!

 It sure is beautiful...

Thank you Daddy!  We could never have made it without you.

Time to go, bye Whitney.

NOTE: For all those AG doll lovers, yes Julie got quite wet in the stream, but she is none the worse for wear. Do not let your dolls get wet girls!


Sunni Hendricks said...

Do you travel alot? I've never been there but, the pics are beautiful. You inspired me to make a blog kind of like yours. Thanks!

Sophie and Brenda said...

Sunni, Our family likes to camp and hike. I hope you will start a blog and send us the link so we can see it too! There are a lot of easy blog engines like ours you can use for free.