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Monday, August 11, 2014

Jess' blog

"Jess' Blog" Click, click ,click...

"Today was a very strange day at school...hehe"

Earlier that day...
 So, in the middle of the exam the fire alarm goes off and....

What was that?!?!

 Peek out the door.

It sounds like the walls are crashing in!

It's some boys fighting!  
Let's get out of here, we can sit in the girls lounge til lunch!!
Why?  What's in the girl's lounge?

There is a daybed to rest on in the girls lounge. It must be from the
1960s when ladies used to swoon all the time.  hehe.
So, tell me how you got into this school Emma...

There's the bell for lunch! Let's go.


Rachel Wayne Bridges said...

These two are going to be great friends, you can just tell.

Sophie and Brenda said...

Yes, Rachel I agree. They seem to have a real connection, and their outfits are adorable! :)