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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Emma meets Jess

*pencil scratching*

 Jess: Hello there.
Emma: Huh, oh hello.

 I'm Jess, who are you?
Um, I'm Emma. OH!  Is that a real monkey?!?

 Oh, yeah, this is Toshi. Can we sit down?
Of course, yes.

Jess: So, how long have you been at this school?
Emma: Oh, I just started a few days ago.  Is it just me or is this school really disorganized?
Jess: It's not you, it's really disorganized. 

 Do you think Toshi would let me hold him?
Sure, go on Toshi.

 Oh! he is so sweet!

 So, Jess would you like to go for lunch with me?
Do you like Mexican food?
I love it!!

 Sounds great.  C'mon Toshi.  See you later.
OK, great.

OK, bye!

Hm, Jess kind of reminds me of a little elf, I like her!
LATER at Emma's house...

 Toshi get down!

 So Jess just pops into the classroom and says hello...

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