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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Some Jewelry for Camellia with a tutorial

Yes, I decided to call her Camellia, well Camellia needed some jewelry.
 Here is the set I made for her yellow outfit.

 Bakelite jewelry in these colors was very popular in the 50s.

My favorite!  Lemon drop earrings.

 She also has some green kiwi earrings.

 Bracelets with dangles.

 I also made her some casual shoes.

A set to match her pink dress.

There is also a set of pink pearl earrings... 

and a bracelet.


 Small jewelry pliers and cutter, jewelry pins, memory wire
ringed pins and beads.

 For earrings, place the desired beads on the pin.

 Bend the wire over using your pliers and add the ringed pin.
Trim off excess wire and bend the loop to meet at the bead hole.

One earring finished!

For the necklace trim off one loop of the memory wire.

 Using your pliers bend a loop at one end.

 Add your beads until the necklace is the 
right length to go around your dolls neck.

 I sometimes like to add a dangle on my loops.

And all finished!!


Jan Conwell said...

I love all her jewelry, but especially those shoes! Well done!

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thank you Jan! I so enjoy making things for the dolls!

Flo said...

Wonderful pieces! I agree on those shoes, they turned out fantastic.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thank you Flo! I must say I am happy with how the shoes turned out. I seem to have a problem paying $18 for plastic doll shoes!