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Monday, September 28, 2015

Furniture Instructions

This is not a real tutorial, but I think these items are pretty simple so they don't need too much detail.

First is the sofas.  They are both 20" x 8" of egg-crate foam.  
I cut 2 pieces of foam for each sofa and hot-glue them together.

Here are the foam pieces glued together and covered in fabric.
The covers are made just like pillow covers.
The link below explains more fully.

I fold the fabric in and set this end in the corner.

All the pillows are also egg-crate.  This makes them stand up really well.

Next is the puff chair.
Here is the pattern.  Be sure it is printed on 8 1/2 x 11 paper.
The half circle should be 4.5 inches from the button center to the edge.

This pattern is for personal use only please!

 You can see that this chair is made from a half circle pillow
and a full circle pillow for the seat.
A button in the center makes a flatter seat.

 The back is stitched to the base set slightly off center.

 This is the back where I stitched the pillow closed.

Here is the Puff Chair folded down flat.
The back is attached only at the corners.

And that's how I created a whole room furnished with sewn pieces!

Some things you may have seen before!

This table should look familiar.

Here it is in our original dollhouse living room.

We made it out of a piece of wood and 2 coat hooks.

Our mobile has hung in the living room for quite a while
but I thought it suited this 70s style room perfectly.
(I made the artwork on my computer!)


 I remembered this flower frame just awhile ago
and thought it would be perfect here!

The metal green frame is a recent garage sale find!

 Lisa found a Raggedy Ann Doll at
Mercy House Thrift Store

And Missy the Dachshund has decided to move in.


Dawn said...

How creative! Using egg crate foam is a great idea. And I love the coffee table. Had not seen that before. Very clever.
- Dawn

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thanks Dawn! I use my kids old egg-crate mattresses, run them through the wash, and it is perfect for crafts. Much cheaper than buying foam at the craft store or fabric store.

Flo said...

So many fun ideas, I love how you made that coffee table. That little green frame is so cute, great find!

Brenda and Sophie said...

Glad you like my ideas! I had a good run of luck lately at thrift stores and garage sales. I'll have some more posts coming soon.