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Saturday, September 05, 2015

Some new dollhouse items!

First I want to show you Molly & Nelly have new quilts!
 Handmade by Mom

 And here they are side by side

 Here is Madi's quilt all finished.

Madi shares this room with Martin.

 Martin got a Harry Potter Monopoly game.

 And Amy, Layla & Madi got a Sorry! game.

 Found these 2 little plates in a thrift store,

As well as this fruit bowl and Dim Sum platter.

 In another thrift store I found this pink camp/beach chair,

 And this Our Generation travel case.

The inside has small pouches for accessories.

Thanks for looking!


Flo said...

Some great thrift store finds! And I love the quilts, they are all so pretty. I think that's part of the fun of having a dollhouse, making it more like a home. It's never truly "finished"!

Brenda and Sophie said...

So true! It's a journey, isn't it? I love thrifting, it is the hunt and finding that perfect something you didn't know you even wanted!

Flo said...

That's the perfect way to describe it!